Accepting Cookies
What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information. OldRide uses cookies to track information about your login status. For instance, if OldRide did not use cookies, you will not be able to access MyOldRide and other various pages which may require you to be logged in. Imagine if you were required to supply a username/password for every page you visited on OldRide, it would be a tedious task, cookies allow you to login once and your login info is then remembered for successive page views. In most all circumstances, cookies are safe, although their have been reports that certain "un-trusted" web sites abuse the ability to store information in a cookie. The information OldRide stores in cookies is completely safe. Usernames, passwords, email addresses and any other sensitive information is not stored in a cookie.

If you are experiencing problems logging in to certain password protected areas of it is most often due to your browser or other third-party software not allowing the cookie to be stored. Below is an overview for allowing cookies from in the two most popular browsers, Internet Explorer and FireFox. Because their are several of other browsers in the market we have to assume if you are running a browser other than these two you most likely already know how to modify the settings.

Internet Explorer 6+
By default cookies are allowed in Internet Explorer. But if you or some security software you have installed turns off the ability of web sites to place cookies on your computer, then you may not be able to access certain areas of OldRide. To enable cookies for a site:

  • Click the Tools menu and then Internet Options.
  • Next go to the Privacy tab and click the "Sites" button.
  • In the "Address of Web site" text box type:
  • Click the "Allow" button. You should now see the url displayed in the "Managed Web Sites" with the settings "Always Allow".
  • Click the "ok" button, then "ok" button again.
  • Retry your login to MyOldRide.

By default cookies are allowed in FireFox, however certain security software on your computer can override your settings. To enable cookies for a site in FireFox:

  • Click the Tools menu and then Options.
  • Click on the "Privacy" icon
  • Click the "Exceptions" button and add the url in the "Address of web site" text field.
  • Click "Allow", you should now see the url displayed in the site list with the status of Allow.
  • Click "Close" then "OK".
  • Retry your login to MyOldRide.

If cookies do not still seem to be allowed, then it may be that other security software is installed on your computer and is blocking cookies. Examples of these are the Google toolbar and the Yahoo toolbar, but there are many others. If third-party software is blocking cookies on your computer, you will need to discover what application is doing the blocking and either uninstall that software or determine how to make an exception for the web site you are visiting