Tips for Buyers

When a transaction appears too good to be true that's because it is. By using common sense and taking safety precautions, you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud. If you feel that you have become a victim of fraud, contact your local law enforcement immediately and report all incidents to [email protected].

When an item is offered at a low price which seems like a deal too good to be true

  • Consider the item to be fake or non existent
  • Review the seller's reviews and feedback.
  • Be wary if the seller wants you to put a deposit down so they can hold the vehicle for you - You send a deposit and the seller never speaks with you again.
  • A real seller will cooperate and communicate with the buyer at all times.
  • Hire an inspection service (of your choosing - not the seller's) to visit and inspect the vehicle for you.

Forms of Payment

  • NEVER pay for an item using cash or Western Union/Money Gram wire transfer. This form of payment is instant and non-traceable with no possibility of a refund if the seller is fraudulent.
  • Send Payment to the Seller only
  • Be wary of payments that offer no security for the buyer

Using an Escrow Service
There are thousands of phony escrow services that exist in attempts to defraud customers.

  • Do your research and use a legitimate escrow service such as
  • Verify web page security by viewing the web address - should begin with https://
  • Never click on a link in an email or download information from an email.

If an item is no longer listed on OldRide
When a listing can no longer be found by searching on OldRide, this may indicate that the item has been deleted by OldRide due to the listing being fraudulent or the seller did not adhere to OldRide's policies and guidelines. In this case, do not attempt to purchase the item and report any offers to 'Buy' outside of OldRide. If you wish to verify an ad listing, please contact [email protected]

Different locations

  • The seller is from another country outside of the US or Canada. Currently, OldRide allows listings from the US or Canada only.
  • The seller's location and the item location are inconsistent - This should raise a flag, but it is possible that the item is listed for a parent or friend. Receive verification from the seller before purchasing.
  • The item description indicates that the item is located in a different country other than the seller's registered country.

Things to Do

  • Get a phone number - when purchasing a high value item, ask the seller for their phone number so you can remain in contact with them throughout the transaction process.
  • Keep a record of all details and emails of the transaction - These details will help you if something should go wrong.
  • Be patient, trust your gut instinct and purchase an item only when you feel comfortable with the expectations and the seller.