Community Score Card

The Community Score Card is a community based scoring tool used to tabulate community involvement. OldRide added the scorecard system in hopes to build a better community of trust by allowing members to learn more about other members, view their scorecards, leave feedback for completed transactions and more. The scorecard tabulates across many different channels of including reviews and feedback, account status, activity & site involvement, and a host of other functions throughout

Community Score Cards were added to OldRide on November 6, 2007. Unfortunately prior to this addition it was not possible to maintain or tabulate these numbers. As of November 6, 2007 ALL MEMBERS ON OLDRIDE started off with a 0 rating which does not reflect a negative score, but rather no tabulation available.

Score Card tabulations are not instant, they are tallied at specific times, so while it may appear your score is not moving upwards, you may need to wait for the next tabulation results.

Score Results Key

-1 and lower Negative Score
0-10 New Member or Little Involvement
11-100   Good Community Involvement
101-300   Great Community Involvement
301+   Outstanding Community Involvement

As with any score card or feedback system some members will attempt to inflate their score by using various techniques or falsifying information. Score Card values should not be used as the only measurements for trust and verification! It is always wise to investigate as many different avenues as possible when you are considering a transaction with any member.

NOTE: Any member participating in an attempt to falsely inflate Score Card values, or submitting false information will be suspended without warning.