Tips for Buying a Vehicle Online

The more you know about a seller and the automobile you are wanting to purchase the safer and better off "you" as the buyer will be.

Know your item!
A good place to start is by researching the vehicle you are interested in. Contact the seller by telephone with any questions about the condition of a vehicle before buying. Researching a classic automobile can be more difficult due to its age, but there are several price guide resources that can offer you an idea of what the vehicle is worth in its present condition. A few of the online Collector and Classic Car value and price guides include:

If possible, personally visit or have an inspection service visit the vehicle to ensure accurate representation. An inspection report can provide a detailed inspection and pictures of the body, paint, chrome, engine, interior, signs of accident damage, evidence of rust, bondo and more. A few Automobile Inspection Companies include:

Make a checklist of questions that pertain to the vehicle. Possible questions might include: rust, dents, overall paint condition, glass any cracks or holes, Interior any cracks, rips, fading, etc., Mechanical Condition including, motor, matching numbers, steering, brakes, tranny, etc. However do be realistic in your expectations of used and classic automobiles, expect normal "wear and tear" and depending on the condition of the car don't expect perfection unless the car is being sold as a perfect #1 frame off rotisserie restoration, most classics will show some wear.

Always make sure you discuss the situation of the title with the seller. All sellers should have the legal ability to transfer title or ownership of the automobile.

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