Questions about Ad Listings

I just posted my ad and it says it expires. I thought it ran until it was sold???

All ads run till sold and never include any additional costs, fees or commissions. Ads expire every 30 days and can be renewed for FREE until your listing sells. OldRide will send you a reminder email on the day that your listing expires and you can login to your MyOldRide Account anytime after that to renew. If you are unable to renew your ad listing once it has expired, please contact OldRide Support and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I renew my ad listing?

Ad listings are free to renew every 30 days from their posting date or renewal date. You are only able to renew your listing on the day it expires or anytime after that. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to renew your ad click here

I thought the ads were free, why I am being asked to pay $24.95?

There is a one time fee to place a classified ad on OldRide, but the great thing is that all ads run until sold! If you aren't looking to spend any money at this time, we do offer a free membership that allows you to participate in the OldRide community. We also have free listings for Parts and Accessories.

Why can't I change my vehicle's year, make, or model?

Once you have posted your listing to OldRide, you are not able to change the year, make, and model fields. Listings on OldRide are intended for the sale of a single vehicle. If you have inadvertently entered the wrong year, make, or model, please contact OldRide Support for further assistance.

How do I make changes to my ad once it has been posted?

With the exception of Ad Category, Make & Model fields, all remaining ad details, including pictures can be edited if you have a Community Score of 2 or higher. You may wish to lower your price, add to the description or include a more descriptive title. If your score is below 2, you will need to contact Customer Support for any changes to your ad listing. For detailed step-by-step instructions click here

How can I contact the seller? There is no phone number listed.

Not every seller wishes to list their phone number on their ad listing and we respect the sellers privacy. Therefore, you can reach the seller by sending them an email. To do so, locate the Contact Seller's box on the bottom left side of the page or click on Message Seller at the top right side. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and question to the seller.