Recommended picture size

Recommended Picture Size
Pictures should be smaller than 3MB in size. Larger pictures may be uploaded but will be automatically resized to the system's specifications.

How can I determine my picture size before uploading?
To determine if your image is larger or smaller than 3MB. Right-click on the image in Windows, choose Properties from the pop-up menu. This will give you the size of the image you are trying to upload. If the image is larger than 3MB you may need to compress it before uploading or you may encounter a longer than normal upload time, remember the speed of the upload will depend greatly on the type of Internet connection you have.

Some useful tips for uploading photos
If you continue to encounter errors while trying to upload photos and it is largely due to the size of the picture, try uploading one photo at a time. Choose the desired photo for slot 1 and click the Upload My Photos button. When the upload has completed, choose a photo for slot 2 and again click the Upload My Photos button. Continue with this method until you have completed your upload process.

Another alternative is to place your ad with NO photos, then once your ad is complete and submitted, email the desired photos to [email protected]. OldRide Support will then update your ad listing with the photos attached in your email. Please be sure to include your ad number and username.