International Buying and Selling

It is your choice, as a seller, as to where you are willing to sell and ship your items to. If you are not willing to ship worldwide, please notify potential buyers by specifying in your ad listing where you're willing to sell.

Quite a few sellers on OldRide have sold vehicles outside of the country before, and it is becoming more common for Classic Cars to be shipped overseas. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't approach with caution (as with all potential buyers).

Selling a Vehicle to an International Buyer:

  • Decide on a form of shipping and choose a shipping method which allows you to Track and confirm the arrival of your shipments with delivery confirmation.
  • Supply buyers with a tracking number(s) and other important details.
  • Both parties should research what items are and are not accepted by their local customs from the US. Learn more about shipping internationally at
  • Allow adequate shipping time for items that have to go through customs.

Selling Tips - Be Cautious

  • Be aware - anytime there is extra money they want you to send it is most likely a scam. Do not send any money or exchange any information with buyers that are asking you to refund extra money. No legitimate buyer will ever pay you more than you are asking for your merchandise, any buyer willing to pay you over and above your asking price is most likely a scammer.
  • Check with the issuing bank to verify available funds and have your bank verify that everything has cleared before you send any product.
  • Never send out any merchandise until funds have cleared.
  • Remember, buyers may be just as apprehensive as you when it comes to sending out money to unknown sellers so always stay in constant contact with your buyer to inform them of the progress.
  • If at any time you are unsure of a potential buyer, you may contact [email protected] with the details of your transaction for further investigation.

For more information about scam attempts is posted here: Protect Yourself from Online Scams.
You can also find some tips for safely buying online here: Tips for Buyers
You can also find some tips for safely selling online here: Tips for Sellers