1961 Chevrolet Corvair
1961 Corvair Station Wagon and 4 door sedan

1961 Chevrolet Corviar

First introduced as an economy car, the compact Corvair was gaining sales as an affordable, practical sports car as the sportier bucket seat Monza made its debut. Quick to see a trend, Chevrolet introduced the Sebring Spider Coupe in 1961 to further enhance the sportier, trendy image. Corvair cars will come in 500 and 700 models in two and four-door sedans. The Monza, a two-door hardtop with posh interior and bucket seats, tops the line. The 1961 engines have been upped from 140 to 145 cubic inches. Corvairs can be had with standard three-speed or a four-speed gearbox with automatic transmission or stick shift. Accessories include a gas heater, two-speed windshield wiper-washer and push-button radio. GREENBRIER SPORTS WAGON - MOST VERSATILE VEHICLE IN THE WORLD - Whatever your needs, from serious business to just plain pleasure, the Greenbrier Sports Wagon will rise to the occasion in great style. Its low center-floor gives the Greenbrier 175.5cu. ft. of load space. An easy-to-remove second seat, which faces either front or rear, gives plenty of room for the whole family...plus a tentful of camping gear in the rear. Access to cargo area is through double doors in the curb side and at the rear. Offered in 2 models: Greenbrier and Greenbrier De Luxe. LAKEWOOD 700 4-DOOR STATION WAGON... The only Wagon with plenty of cargo space plus a key-locking front trunk! The new Lakewood, with it's engine in the rear, combines the cargo-carrying capacity and versatility of a wagon with a 10-cu. ft. front trunk. In addition, it's freshly styled, beautifully trimmed and 6-passengers big. The lakewood comes in two models, both with 4-door convenience, and features a one-piece liftgate. With second seat folded down the Lakewood has 58 cu. ft of load space. Available in 12 Magic-Mirror solid colors... 7 two-tone combinations. MONZA 4-DOOR SEDAN in Fawn Beige. Luxurious 6-Passenger Comfort...Full width front seat, upholstered in soft vinyl and rich fabric. Custom trim, including deep-twist carpet, deluxe steering wheel, front and rear arm rests. (Front bucket seats optional at extra cost.)

1961 Chevrolet Corvair Specifications

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Corvair Series 500 - Six-Cyl
05 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $1,974 2,355 lbs 18,752
05 27 2 dr Club Coupe - 5P $1,920 2,320 lbs 18,857
05 35 4 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,266 2,530 lbs  5,591
Corvair Deluxe Series 700 - Six-Cyl
07 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,039 2,380 lbs 51,948
07 27 2 dr Club Coupe - 5P $1,985 2,350 lbs 24,786
07 35 4 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,330 2,555 lbs 20,451
Corvair Monza Series 900 - Six-Cyl
09 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,201 2,420 lbs 33,745
09 27 2 dr Club Coupe - 4P $2,201 2,395 lbs 109,945

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Height Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Corvair 108 in 180 in 66.9 in 51.3 in 54 in 54 in 6.50 x 13
Chevrolet Station Wagon 119 in 209.3 in 78.4 in 55.5 in 60.3 in 59.3 in 7.00 x 13

1961 Chevrolet Engine Options

Location Of Engine Code: 6-Cyl - stamped on a pad behind the distributor on right side of block. V-8 - stamped on the block in front of the right hand cylinder head. Notes: * High Lift Cam + High Performance # Special High Performance
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