Chevrolet Corvair

The Chevrolet Corvair was first introduced in 1960 as a revolutionary new car intended for the budget-minded compact car field. Led by General Manager Edward N. Cole, Chevrolet designed the Corvair with an air-cooled horizontal six-cylinder engine made almost entirely out of aluminum. The engine was mounted in the rear of the car, driving the rear wheels through a compact automatic transaxle and independant suspension at all four wheels. With an unconventional frame, it was the first Unibody built by Fisher Body. The Corvair styling was both subtle and elegant, and the tires included an entirely new wide low-profile design. The first year in existence the Corvair was named Motor Trend Magazines "Car of the Year". Unfortunately the Corvair did not see it's sales soar as it was more expensive and not as economical to operate as it's competitors. First offered as a Sedan and Coupe, later series included the sporty Monza, Van, Station Wagon and Pickup Truck's.

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