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How to Build a Trunk Rack



Are you frustrated with the limited amount of trunk space in your sports car? Here is an easy solution that can be simply made will aluminum tubes and little skill.

First, cut the aluminum tubing into four 'A' lengths (see drawing below), two 'B' lengths, one 'C' length and two 'D' lengths. Smooth the edges with a knife and drill holes for assembly bolts and for attaching the suction cups. The final step is to attach the bridge cross piece to the floor section using 2 connectors. Most auto supply stores carry octopus straps which can be used for fastening your luggage on the rack.

Supplies needed:

• Aluminum tubing
• 10 T-butt connectors
• 2 elbows
• 4 suction cups
• Tie-down straps

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Information provided by 1962 issue of Car & Driver Magazine


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