1975 Plymouth Road Runner
1975 would marke the last of the RM cars...

1975 Plymouth Road Runner

In 1975,with the increasing emissions regulations and energy concerns had all but spelled the demise of the muscle car. Plymouth continued with the Road Runner for 75, but based the model on the "New Small Fury" platform. Although most of the mechanical parts remained from previous years, the new Fury had a redesigned dash and interior,along with new exterior body sheet metal. Known as the "Tunnel" cars,( for the unique deck lid decal) the 75 Road Runner was only a shadow of it's former performance platform. Choked by catalytic converter and egr to meet Federal emission standards, the Road Runners were only lukewarm performers.Motor Trend tested a 400 4 barrel car with the 3.21 open rear axle and recorded 0-60 in 8.6 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 15.77 seconds @ 89 mph. Testers did applaud the ride and comfort of the new platform and the test car was equipped with the rear sway bar and handling package. Only 7831 1975 Road Runners were built, resulting in a car that is difficult to find body and interior parts for.The only year for this body style, it was the last Road Runner to carry the RM21 serial number.
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