Plymouth Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner was first produced by Plymouth in 1968 and continued in production through 1980. With a much needed idea of getting back to the basics of offering a muscle car that was back to its muscle car roots with cheap, fast thrills and a car that would run 14 second times in the quarter mile and would sell for less than $3,000. Plymouth met both of their goals and the idea of the low-buck muscle car hit the street as the new Road Runner. With the Chrysler B platform as the base, Plymouth paid Warner Brothers to use the “ Road Runner” name and cartoon likeness of their Road Runner cartoon character, and "beep-beep" horn. While everything essential to performance and handling was beefed-up and improved; everything that was nonessential was left out. The Road Runner was continued in production through 1980, although it ended its production as part of the Volaré line.

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