1973 Dodge Charger
A new roofline appeared on the 1973 Dodge Charger

1973 Dodge Charger

Again in 1973, the Charger was an intermediate model. The grille was slightly revised and the new taillights featured 22 individual lenses. The most noticeable change thought was probably the new roof line around the quarter windows. The new window line was more conservative than previous years, but was received well by the consumers. The Charger Rallye option was still available and came with a 318 standard. However you could still get the 440-cid 4 BC engine.    

1973 Dodge Charger Specification and Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Charger - Six-Cyl
WL 21 2 Dr Coupe $2,810 3,395 lbs Note 1
WH 23 2 Dr Hardtop $3,060 3,450 lbs Note 2
Charger - V-8
WL 21 2 Dr Coupe $2,922 3,460 lbs Note 1
WH 23 2 Dr Hardtop $3,171 3,480 lbs Note 2
Charger SE
WP 29 2 Dr Hardtop Coupe $3,375 3,540 lbs 61,908
Notes: The combined production of Models WL21 was 11,995. The combined production of Models WH23 was 45,415.

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Charger 6-Cyl/V-8 115 in 212.7 in 77 in 61.9 in 62 in E78 x 14
Charger Rallye 115 in 212.7 in 77 in 61.9 in 62 in F70 x 14

1973 Dodge Charger Options

Description Description
340-cid 4 BC V-8 "TUFF" Steering Wheel
400-cid 2 BC V-8 Undercoating & Hood Insulator Pad
400-cid 4 BC V-8 "Halo" Vinyl Roof
440-cid 4 BC V-8 Canopy Vinyl Roof
Air Conditioning Deluxe Wheel Covers
Sun Roof Wire Wheel Covers
TorqueFlite Transmission Rallye Wheels
Electric Clock Magnum Wheels
Inside Hood Release Day/Night Inside Rearview Mirror
Rear Window Defogger Black Vinyl Body Side Moulding
Deluxe Bumper Guards "Gradated" Body Side Tape Stripe
Power Disc Brakes Bucket Seats
Dual Outside Racing Mirrors Rallye Instrumentation
Multiplex AM/FM Stereo Radio Special Suspension
Multiplex AM/FM Stereo Tape Cassette 4-Speed Manual Transmission
AM/FM Monaural Radio Light Package
Music Master AM Radio Rallye Package
Rear Seat Speaker E-Z Order Package
Front Armrest w/ Center Seat Cushion Deluxe Package
Floor Console Heavy-Duty Package
Sure Grip Differential Trailer Wiring Package
Tinted Glass Trailer Towing Package
Power Steering Luxury Equipment Package
Power Windows  
Engine Options Location Of Engine Code: 6-Cyl - Right front of block, below cylinder head. Small-Block V-8 - Left front of block, below cylinder head. 400-cid - Right front of block, near distributor. 440-cid - Left front of block, near tappet rail.
Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission Carburetor
C 6-225 105 185 TorqueFlite, 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
G 8-318 150 265 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 2 BC
H 8-340 240 295 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
M 8-400 175 310 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 2 BC
P 8-400 * 260 340 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
U 8-440 * 280 340 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
* High Performance Available Transmissions Axle Decoding Location Of Axle Codes: A metal tag is bolted to the assembly, giving the axle ratio or tooth count (if tooth count - divide the larger number by the smaller number, this is the ratio.) Locking axles have a metal tag with the letter "S" on it. Note: Since tags can easily be missing, the approximate ratio can be determined by marking both the a wheel and the driveshaft; turn the wheel one complete turn and the number of times the driveshaft rotates is the ratio. Locking axles can be identified by raising the complete axle assembly and turning one wheel; if the other wheel turns the the same direction it is a locking axle and if it turns the opposite direction it is a non-locking axle.
Charger Axle Ratios
Engine   6-225 8-318 8-340 8-400 8-440
Locking / Non-Locking   L NL L NL L NL L NL L NL
Ratio 2.71       x     x x    
2.76     x x     x x    
2.94   x   x     x x    
3.21 x x x x            
3.23 x x x x x x x x x x
3.55   x   x x   x x x  
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