1968 Dodge Charger
The newly designed 1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger

1968 included a new design for the Dodge Charger. Changes included a new hidden headlight grille, curvier body, recessed backlight, refined tail, and less chrome. The rear quarters of this specialty rig have been bulged a bit for that muscle car look with evidence of competition themes and went from a fastback body style to a semi-fastback style. Along with the new design was a huge increase in sales that rose from 15,788 the previous year 1967 to 92,590 produced in 1968. 17,665 Chargers were optioned with the R/T package that included the 440 Magnum engine and "Scat Pack" bumblebee stripes on the rear end. For the hard-core mopar fans and drag racers the Hemi still remained the engine of choice. The full line-up of engine options included the 318 w/ 230hp, the 383 w/ 335hp, the 440 w/ 375hp and the 426 Hemi w/425hp.  
Factory Specifications & Production
Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
XP 29 2 Dr Hardtop $3,014 3,500 lbs Note 1
Charger R/T
XS 29 2 Dr Hardtop $3,480 3,650 lbs Note 1
Notes: The combined production of Models XP29 and XS29 was 96,100 . All were V-8 powered. Additional Charger R/T Information: The "HEMI" engine was installed into 467 hardtops and 1 Charger 500 prototype. Chassis Specifications From 1966 to 1974, the Charger was based on the Chrysler B platform.
Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Track Rear Track Tires
Charger 117 in 208 in 77 in Not Available Not Available 7.35 x 14
Charger R/T 117 in 208 in 77 in Not Available Not Available F70 x 14
Options & Accessories
Description Description
383-cid 2 BC V-8 Heavy-Duty Differential
383-cid 4 BC V-8 Power Door Locks
440-cid 4 BC V-8 Dual Exhaust
426-cid 4 BC V-8 "HEMI" Buffed Paint
TorqueFlite Transmission Music Master AM Radio
4-Speed Manual Transmission Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel
Automatic Speed Control Woodgrain Steering Wheel
Air Conditioning Tachometer
Power Steering Vinyl Roof
Power Brakes Simulated Mag Wheel Covers
Power Front Disc Brakes Road Wheels
Electric Clock Three-Speed Windshield Wipers
Sure Grip Differential  
Engine Options The location of Engine Code on a 6-Cylinder - Right front of block, below cylinder head; Small Block V8 - Left fron of block, below cylinder head; Big-Block V8 - Left rear of block, near oil pan flange. Available Transmissions Axle Decoding


  Location Of Axle Codes: A metal tag is bolted to the assembly, giving the axle ratio or tooth count (if tooth count - divide the larger number by the smaller number, this is the ratio.) Locking axles have a metal tag with the letter "S" on it. Note: Since tags can easily be missing, the approximate ratio can be determined by marking both the a wheel and the driveshaft; turn the wheel one complete turn and the number of times the driveshaft rotates is the ratio. Locking axles can be identified by raising the complete axle assembly and turning one wheel; if the other wheel turns the the same direction it is a locking axle and if it turns the opposite direction it is a non-locking axle.
Charger Axle Ratios
Engine   6-225 8-318 8-383 8-426 8-440
Locking / Non-Locking   L NL L NL L NL L NL L NL
Ratio 2.76       x   x        
2.93   x                
2.94 x x x x x x     x x
3.23 x x x x x x x x x x
3.54             x   x  
3.55   x   x x          
3.91   x                
Interior and Exterior Paint Chips 1968 Dodge Exterior Paint Codes. The first letter or number identifies the roof or accent color. The second letter or number identifies the body color. (For example, the combination WC on a Dodge would indicate the roof or accent area is in White and the body is finished in Medium Blue Metallic.) Paint code plates are located in the engine compartment on the left wheel housing or the left fender side shield. 1968 Dodge Interior Paint Codes 1. Low Gloss Colors require 2 ounces of DuPont 4528S Flattening Compound to a pint of unreduced color. 2. Gloss Colors Usage - Quarter Panel Upper Garnish Moulding, Quarter Garnish Extension & Lock Pillar Upper, "A & B" Pillars and "B" Pillar Cap, Door & Quarter Upper Inner Frame and Upper & Lower Garnish, Miscellaneous Suburban Parts. * Suburban Bow Clips ONLY. 3. Low Gloss Colors Usage - Roof Rails, Backlite Mouldings, "A" Pillar Cover, Console, Manual Seat Adjuster, Windshield Garnish Mouldings, Convertible Top Mechanism, and Miscellaneous Suburban Parts.    
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