1971 Pontiac GTO
The Endura front bumper of the 1971 Pontiac GTO.

1971 Pontiac GTO

The Endura front bumper remained on the GTO, but now with even larger twin grille cavities. 1971 GTO standard options were the same as the LeMans and also included a 400-CID V8 with dual exhaust, high-rate springs, thick front and rear stabilizer bars, firm shocks and Wide-Track. Also available were 2 new 455-CID V8s. There were four transmissions to choose from including the standard floor mounted 3-speed, two 4-speeds (close and wide ratios) and a Turbo Hydra-matic. The Judge option was available for an extra $395. That extra money might have seemed like a lot in the early '70s but as we all know now with less than 400 "Judge" options produced this is a highly desirable car to own and well worth the money spent. The Judge package included special Rally II mag-type wheels, blacked out grille, wild fender stripes, a full width rear deck air spoiler and an air induction hood that takes in oxygen from front mounted scoops pushing it down into the 4-bbl carburetor and a 455-CID HO V8.


1971 Pontiac GTO Production Numbers and Specifications

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
GTO Series 242
242 37 2d Hardtop - 5P $3,446 3,619 lbs 9,497
242 67 2d Convertible - 5P $3,676 3,664 lbs 661
GTO Series 242 w/ WT-1 "The Judge" Option
242 37 2d Hardtop - 5P $3,604 - 357
242 67 2d Convertible - 5P $4,070 - 17
Notes 2,287 GTOs had synchromest and 7,945 had automatics.

Model Series Identification

GTO 2d Hardtop - 5P - 24237 GTO 2d Convertible - 5P - 24267

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
GTO 112 in 201.5 in 60 in 60 in G78 x 14
GTO "The Judge" 112 in 201.5 in 60 in 60 in G70 x 14
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