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1965 Pontiac Lemans GTO
With the success from the previous year, the GTO was an option available on the 1965 Pontiac Tempest LeMans.

1965 Pontiac Lemans GTO

Again for 1965 the GTO was an option available on the Tempest LeMans models of Pontiac. The GTO popularity had been growing and Pontiac Immediately started to add unique identifiers to GTO equipped cars. Front grills, rear fender sides and trunk were now marked with bold GTO letters. In addition to more noticeable markings the hood of the GTO equipped cars featured a very distinctive hood scoop, a feature that would follow GTO throughout its production years.

Horsepower actually increased over last year’s availability. A new LeMans GTO could be ordered with an optional 389, 360 Horsepower engine. Standard engine was 389 cubic inch rated at 335 horsepower. Additionally one could order a tri-power equipped 389 cubic inch motor that featured 3 - 2-barrel carbs.


1965 Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Specifications

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Tempest LeMans w/ GTO Option
237 27 2d Coupe - 5P $2,787 3,478 lbs 8,319
237 37 2d Hardtop - 5P $2,855 3,478 lbs 55,722
237 67 2d Convertible - 5P $3,093 3,700 lbs 11,311


  1. 75,352 Tempest LeMans GTO's were built in 1965
  2. 56,378 had synchromesh & 18,974 had automatic

Model Series Identification

GTO 2d Coupe - 5P - 23727 GTO 2d Hardtop - 5P - 23737 GTO 2d Convertible - 5P - 32767

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
GTO 115 in 206.2 in 58 in 58 in 7.75 x 14

VIN Decoding

Serial Numbers were on the left front hinge pillar. Fisher body on cowl tells style number, body number, trim code, paint code, and other data.
First Symbol - Manufacturer
2 = Pontiac
Second & Third Symbol - Series
33 = Standard Tempest 54 = 2 + 2
35 = Custom Tempest 56 = Star Chief
37 = LeMans 62 = Bonneville
39 = Safari Station Wagon w/ wood grain 66 = Grand Prix
52 = Catalina & Ventura  
Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style
11 = two-door sedan 45 = station wagon three seat
27 = two-door sedan 57 = two-door hardtop
35 = station wagon two seat 67 = convertible
37 = two-door hardtop 69 = four-door sedan
39 = four-door hardtop 87 = two-door hardtop
Sixth Symbol - Last Digit Of The Model Year
5 = 1965
Seventh Symbol - Assembly Plant
(B) Baltimore, Maryland (P) Pontiac, Michigan
(C) Southgate, California (R) Arlington, Texas
(D) Doraville, Georgia (U) Lordstown, Ohio
(E) Linden, New Jersey (V) Bloomfield, Illinios
(G) Framingham, Massachusetts (X) Kansas City, Kansas
(K) Kansas City, Missouri (Z) Fremont, California
Last Six Symbols - Production Sequence
Started at 100001

1965 Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Engines

Location Of Engine Code: V-8 engine codes are found on front of block below right cylinder head.

Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission Carburetor
WS 8-389 360 424 Manual 3 - 2 BC
WT 8-389 335 431 Manual 4 BC
YR 8-389 360 424 Turbo Hydra-Matic 4 BC
YS 8-389 335 431 Turbo Hydra-Matic 3 - 2 BC

Transmission Codes

Transmission Location
Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Stamped on servo cover on right side of transmission.
Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or on the left side of converter housing.
Powerglide Stamped on a metal tag located on the right side of the transmission.
Super Turbine 300 (TempesTorque) On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or stamped on lower servo cover.
Jetway On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or stamped on lower servo cover.
3-Speed Painted or stamped on the transmission case.
4-Speed Painted or stamped on the transmission case.
Plant and Type Designation Prefix Transmission Type
20 TempesTorque
30 TempesTorque
LA TempesTorque
MA TempesTorque
MB TempesTorque
MC TempesTorque
NA TempesTorque
NB TempesTorque
PA Turbo Hydra-Matic 400
PB Turbo Hydra-Matic 400
PC Turbo Hydra-Matic 400
PE Turbo Hydra-Matic
PH Turbo Hydra-Matic 400

Axle Codes

Location Of Axle Codes: Letter codes are on the rear of right hand axle tube near carrier or on the left hand brake drum.
Codes - Non-Locking Codes - Locking Ratio
WB, XB YB, ZB 2.56
WC YC 2.78
WD, XD YD, ZD 2.93
WE, XE YE, ZE 3.08
WF, XF YF, ZF 3.23
WG, XG YG, ZG 3.36
WH, XH YH, ZH 3.55
WK, XK YK, ZK 3.90
WL, XL YL, ZL 4.33
  • Codes beginning with "W" and "Y" are standard brake linings. Codes beginning with "X" and "Z" are metallic brake linnings.
  • Options and Accessories

    Description Price Description Price
    Air Conditioning $346.00 3-Speed Manual Transmission $Not Available
    Carpets $Not Available 4-Speed Manual Transmission $188.00
    Electric Clock $19.00 2-Speed Automatic Transmission (6-Cyl) $188.00
    Remote Control Deck Lid $11.00 2-Speed Automatic Transmission (V-8) $199.00
    GTO Option (style numbers - 23727, 23737, 23767) $296.00 Bucket Seats Not Available
    Console $48.00 Transistor Ignition $65.00
    Ride & Handling Package $16.00 Transistor Regulator $11.00
    Quick-Ratio Steering $11.00 Tinted Glass (all windows) $31.00
    Parking Brake Signal $3.00 Dual Exhaust $31.00
    Luggage Carrier (Safari) $Not Available Safe-T-Track Differential $38.00
    Seat Belt Set $8.00 Heavy-Duty Battery $4.00
    Panel Cluster & Tachometer Rally Gauge $86.00 326-cid/250-hp V-8 $108.00
    AM/FM Push Button Radio $65.00 326-cid/285-hp V-8 $173.00
    Safeguard Speedometer $16.00 389-cid/335-hp V-8 $296.00
    Super-Lift Shock Absorbers $40.00 389-cid/360-hp V-8 (Tri-Power) $116.00
    Custom Sport Steering Wheel $Not Available Cordova Top $Not Available
    Power Bucket Seat $71.00 Rally Gauge Cluster w/ Tachometer $86.00
    Tilt Steering Wheel (power steering only) $43.00 Wire Wheel Discs $Not Available
    Power Steering $97.00 Custom Wheel Discs $Not Available
    Power Brakes $43.00 Rally Wheels $Not Available
    Two-Speed Wipers & Washers $17.00    


    Paint Codes - Exterior Colors

    Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

    A - Starlight Black
    Lucite® Code - 88
    Dulux® Code - 93-005

    N - Burgundy Red
    Lucite® Code - 4624LH
    Dulux® Code - 181-97213M

    B - Blue Charcoal
    Lucite® Code - 4622L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97211

    P - Iris Mist
    Lucite® Code - 4632L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97221

    C - Ermine White
    Lucite® Code - 4024L
    Dulux® Code - 93-93774

    R - Montero Red
    Lucite® Code - 4625LH
    Dulux® Code - 93-97540H

    D - Fontaine Blue
    Lucite® Code - 4630L
    Dulux® Code - 181-972219

    T - Capri Gold
    Lucite® Code - 4627L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97216

    E - Nightwatch Blue
    Lucite® Code - 4631L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97220

    V - Mission Beige
    Lucite® Code - 4401L
    Dulux® Code - 93-96261

    H - Palmetto Green
    Lucite® Code - 4633L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97223

    W - Bluemist Slate
    Lucite® Code - 4623L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97212

    K - Reef Turquoise
    Lucite® Code - 4628L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97217

    Y - Mayfair Maize
    Lucite® Code - 4620L
    Dulux® Code - 93-96908

    L - Teal Turquoise
    Lucite® Code - 4629L
    Dulux® Code - 181-97218
    NOTES: The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body color. The second letter identifies the roof color. (For example, the combination VC on a Pontiac would indicate the body finished in Mission Beige and the roof area in Cameo Ivory.) General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left rear wheel housing. Corvette paint code plate is under the dash, below the glove compartment.

    Paint Codes - Interior Colors

    Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

    Lucite® Code - 9000L (semi-gloss)

    Dark Turquoise
    Lucite® Code - 9176LM (semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 9197LH (flat)

    Medium Fawn
    Lucite® Code - 9171LH (semi-gloss)

    Medium Blue
    Lucite® Code - 4630L (semi-gloss)

    Dark Fawn
    Lucite® Code - 9224LH (semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 9198LH (flat)

    Dark Blue
    Lucite® Code - 9172LH (semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 9194LH (flat)

    Lucite® Code - 4622L(semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 9191LH (flat)
    Lucite® Code - 9183LM (semi-gloss)

    Medium Green
    Lucite® Code - 4633L (semi-gloss)

    Dark Red
    Lucite® Code - 9181LM (semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 9201LM (flat)

    Dark Green
    Lucite® Code - 9225LH (flat)

    Lucite® Code - 88 (semi-gloss)
    Lucite® Code - 4428L (flat)

    Medium Turquoise
    Lucite® Code - 4628L (semi-gloss)


    NOTE: Unpolished LUCITE® will generally produce a gloss comparable to original interior semi-gloss finishes. If lower gloss is required, use2 oz. DuPont #4528 flattening compound to a pint of unreduced color.

    Trunk Colors (spatter finish)

    Turquoise = 389-256


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