1956 oldsmobile

1956 Oldsmobile left out to rot away.

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Jan 12, 2008

Where I used to live, there were 2 identical 56 Olds. Both white with the green back. Both very nice. The only subtle difference in the two was one was bone stock and the other was a pro street version with a wing, wheelie bars and weld wheels with Mickey Thompsons. I saw the stock one first and thought it was a neat car. Then about a week later I saw the pro-streeted one and thought that the stock one had been converted. A few days later...you guessed it, the stock one went by the house. It was a bit confusing until I met the two people that owned their respective car!

Jul 9, 2007

my grand dad is restoring one

May 6, 2007

crying shame :+(

Mar 14, 2007

what a waste

Feb 13, 2007

poor car, my dad's looks new next to this