Rusty Abandoned Classic Cars from the 50's
Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
With the aftermath of World War II leading into the Cold War, the Golden Age was upon us bringing a new line of cars that cap tivated the Americans in the 1950’s. A booming economy created an affluent middle class which started moving out of the city into the mass suburban developments that were sweeping the nation. America became so prosperous and eager to meet what might lie ahead of them and soon families owned more than one car. We hope that you will enjoy these photos as you think back to an era in which the ‘Flying Car’ was the vision of the 21st century and the Factory Price on a 1954 Corvette was $2,774! Long ago are the days when these cars were used to cruise on in to the Passion Pit with your date and play a little game of Back Seat Bingo. And as you can imagine, some of these were real “Cherry” back in the day but now here they sit, forgotten treasures in time. For the 50s was a great ride in the automobile industry where America was treated with an assortment of vehicles which are now today’s classics. Do you have a photo(s) and a story to share with the community? Send your photos, along with a brief description to [email protected]. ( view more )