1959 Mercury rusting away
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likeoldies  - July 24, 2009
we actually had one of these when I was a kid and I remember hauling across Texas and sleeping on the floor behind the front seat while my sister was on the back seat. It was forest green, and FAST!
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
Man, such a cool car man!
legratrodder  - April 7, 2009
My mother had one of these Mercs and I dreamed of the day I could drive it. By the time I was old enough, she had a new '62 Galaxie 500. I drove that Ford alot.
mcyphert  - December 15, 2008
I dunno, It looks like it might be a 66 or 67 Chevelle, Skylark, etc...
peace  - January 15, 2008
the car besides it looks like a '67 or '68 Impala
totalcarnut  - December 31, 2007
55pickup is right if your going to do it do it right and the same could be said for Stephen King nuts like myself and you gotta admitt he obviously made a huge impression on a whole generation
55pickup  - November 7, 2007
no not really, just trying to get all our facts straight....lol
myhot56kustom  - October 13, 2007
boy,you chryco people are argumentative,aren't you?
1975olds  - August 11, 2007
cristine was a 1958 plymouth fury not a 57 the 57 and the 58 have a big difference in the head lights.
55pickup  - June 26, 2007
Yea..Christine was a 1957 Plymouth with the big fins...watch the movie again.
danniellestang  - June 13, 2007
It was also a plymouth
58olds  - June 11, 2007
just kiddin!!!!cristine was a two door
58olds  - June 11, 2007
cristine,literlaly it was used in the movie
plymouth58  - April 30, 2007
ha i use to have one of these but it was a staition wagon. .......what a shame.......
bearcuda  - March 30, 2007
Is that a 66,67 chevelle or goat beside this car or Buick Riviera?
peteranger  - March 12, 2007
where is this place it has that old bel air way in the back that looks good for restoration
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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