1957 Chevy
Another '57 thats been left to rust away...
Community Feedback
58chevyguy  - July 21, 2010
Big foot is right above the trunk!
abigfoot  - August 24, 2009
legratrodder  - December 20, 2008
I think I see Bigfoot in the trees.
buddyhollysedselgirl  - July 24, 2008
Looks like an easy fix!
street454  - April 16, 2008
The car has a replacement block with a 4 barrel. I'm going to ask if this thing is available. The rockers are gone but I think it's pretty complete otherwise.
chevyhead  - April 15, 2008
pretty cool and looks complete. too bad it's a 4 door. sinking into the earth though, and that's never good underneath!
panelguy  - March 30, 2008
She can live again I bet....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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