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1928 Whippet Cabriolet Coupe
This beauty has a metal tag on rr of frame reads 06-3040 engine block #349362
Community Feedback
29trkguy  - March 24, 2012
Whippet? someone did!
badways76  - February 25, 2010
lego car for big kids!
29truckguy  - March 29, 2009
good frame.....
panelguy  - May 2, 2008
why dont some people read the previous comments before they leave one themselves....?
kycarshow  - April 17, 2008
28-29 model a coupe or roadster
55pickup  - April 4, 2008
wow!....look whats left of the steering wheel...looks like a wooden cross!
73hiboy  - February 24, 2008
this has been identified as a 1928 whippet cabriolet coupe....and is currently for sale on ebay
ericsmusclecars  - February 13, 2008
maybe if there was a little more of it to indentify.
turbo69stang  - February 11, 2008
Scrap. or sell to LENO for 50k.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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