1949 Kaiser
1949 KAISER, just rescued and on it's way to being chopped and dropped, in Tuscon, AZ. BLANKFRANK
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chromenfins  - March 12, 2013
those are good lookin
chromenfins  - March 12, 2013
hey 19cvy57man your right ,they made all kinds of appliances.one of thare not so succsesfull ones was a dish washer. it was like a wash machine.you put all the dishes in the cylinder thing that spins around inside. one problem - it broke the dishes.
chromenfins  - March 12, 2013
hi rustyfan : kaiser frazer was the company.
chromenfins  - March 12, 2013
chopped? dropped? looks fine the way the factory did it
oldtimerider  - February 21, 2010
Never had any friends with a Kaiser.This one looks really good shape and like 53plypat think it would make a fine sled.
legratrodder  - June 25, 2009
I knew a guy in Gardiner NY that sold new Kaisers at his gas station. Back then, you could get a dealership to sell just a few cars. I don't think he ever had more than a dozen cars at a time. I miss the old days.
53plypat  - October 18, 2008
Kaiser also built Liberty ships during WW2, helped us win. Built them faster than the Germans could sink them. Not as successful with cars, making this rare enough to be really interesting. Good save, make a fine leadsled.
niftyfifty  - April 7, 2008
this baby looks to be in really good shape right here...almost a shame to chop her....but at least it'll still be rescued
19cvy57man  - February 22, 2008
Kaiser also made the Fraiser automobile and later the Jeep. They also made home applinces such as refridgeraters,freezers and al kinds of aluminum products.
55f100  - February 19, 2008
kaiser made kaiser
rustyfan  - January 3, 2008
who made Kaiser
58fury  - December 29, 2007
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
Not bad looking from the front...wonder how the rest of the body is?
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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