1948 Chevrolet Sedan
Victor sent us a picture of his Rusty Ride find, a 1948 Chevrolet Sedan??? Great rat rod potential!!
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corsa65  - July 12, 2009
that would look coool with a 502 with a blower on it with 33.5x 15's on the back
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 14, 2009
i think its a chevy style master. but what do i know? im just a 14yearoldtrucklover.
byron  - October 6, 2008
That looks to be a Fleetline Aero Sedan. I just sold the one I had.
58sonly  - February 9, 2008
Inline 6,454,or anywhere in between,just save it.
oldmanjones  - January 25, 2008
i am as old as the chevy and it is probably in better shape than i am.it would make a fine ride.
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
not too bad looking...a little rust,not nothing that can't be salvaged.
peteranger  - March 12, 2007
could drop a 427 into this thing, good restoration proj
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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