1940 Ford coupe????
John & his wife Sonja, found this abandoned Rusty Ride.
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fanofrustycars10  - June 19, 2010
I wonder how many times the "Roll-O-Meeter" rolled over before it stopped?
nailhead58  - March 6, 2010
This looks to be a '37 or '38 Chevy. Easiest tipoff that's not a Ford. Fords from '37 to '40 had two-piece triangular back windows.
badways76  - February 25, 2010
thats the wrong way to chop the top. bet they were haulin a$$ before she went end over end
legratrodder  - February 17, 2009
Wow, this car isn't rusty at all. A little too beatup for my abilities. It would take a serious bodyman, but it could be done. Especially in this rat rod era, You don't have to worry about how straight it is.
orjme  - December 3, 2008
Here is the rest of the story about SONJA'S CAR. When we go to Car Shows and other events we have a tradition of finding a vehicle that matches Sonja’s outfit, and photographing her next to it. Some people have viewed such a photo and assumed it was her car. Last week we went to several shows and events, handing out fliers for the May 20 Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association car show in Red Bluff, CA. We took back roads home again. We found another car that matched her outfit. I think we could have acquired it at a reasonable price. However, since it was obviously not a Ford product, we decided to pass.
valensage48  - September 9, 2008
"Right here is where she landed when Juble, my husband drove it last!"
55pickup  - June 27, 2008
hey...matching colors...very fashionable....lol
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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