1949 - 1950 - 1951 Fords, Hot Rod Potential
Check out the project material here thats just rusting away, This guy has 4 1949-1951 Fords. Check out the stainless fins on the rear one of them.
Community Feedback
29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
Looks like a J.C.Whitney add on .
58chevyguy  - March 25, 2011
With those fins it looks like a baby cadillac wanta-be.
legratrodder  - March 6, 2009
Wicked fins?
oldtimerider  - August 25, 2008
This is a two door sedan in front.I like the coupes a lot better.These look like a four door that they did not cut out the rear door on.49 has FORD in scrip on front and back.50 and 51 have badges like this one.49 and 50 have a single bullet grill that I like lots better than the 51 double bullet.
snarfy  - April 2, 2008
Yes, it is. Quite the oddball.
billor57  - January 26, 2008
in what part of the country are these fords
billor57  - January 26, 2008
is that a 52 dodge or plymouth hardtop out in front of the ford?
oldmanjones  - January 4, 2008
i would really like to get a real picture of the car behind the ford sedan.might be another very interesting project?even though i would trade my favorite dodge for the 51 coupe.
myhot56kustom  - October 15, 2007
these are the REAL shoeboxes!I love em'!
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
chrome looks not bad
mysterybus  - January 16, 2007
Man what a pair! I too would love to have these...Other than the Model A the 49 to 51 is a favorite!
snarfy  - January 16, 2007
The old boy is selling these. Contact me.
landa  - January 9, 2007
some people get all the luck.
ears  - December 30, 2006
Yes, both of those are FORDS. Very tasty projects. I'll love to get my hands on that coupe!
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
are you sure its a ford!? look like a merc
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
i agree with hal698 about the rust
anthonypaul7  - October 27, 2006
nice coupe!..
snarfy  - October 17, 2006
Most of the cars this guy has are pretty darn clean. They have very little cancer, but quite a bit of surface rust.
hal698  - October 16, 2006
Yes, these are Rusty Rides, but most of it looks like surface rust. It is almost impossible to find a car this old without rust. There are lots of people who say once the rust gets it forget it. That is wrong. All metal will rust. They can be bead blasted and primered and be the same as they were when new. There are also lots of metal replacement parts available for the lower portions of these cars, and a lot of them are not that hard to make. If you want the easy way out, pay top dollar for one restored to someone elses taste.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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