1972 Dodge Challenger
The 1972 Challenger could be ordered with 2 different body styles.

1972 Dodge Challenger

For 1972, Dodge redesigned the Challenger. It was still basically the same body but with a different look. The grille and taillights were probably the most noticeable of all the changes. The taillights were now divided individually and separated. The headlights were separated from the single opening grille. The Challenger could only be order with two body style now with the convertible being deleted. The Challenger Rallye was the high-performance option and came with a 318-cid V-8 standard. It had side scoops behind the front wheels and strobe-type stripes that ran the full length of the car.  

1972 Dodge Challenger Specification and Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Challenger Series - Six-Cyl
JH 23 2 Dr Hardtop $2,790 3,070 lbs Note 1
Challenger Series - V-8
JH 23 2 Dr Hardtop $2,902 3,125 lbs Note 1
JS 23 2 Dr Rallye Hardtop $3,082 3,225 lbs 8,123
NOTES: Combined Total - 18,535

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Challenger 110 in 191.3 in 76.4 in 59.7 in 61.6 in 7.35 x 14
Challenger Rallye 110 in 191.3 in 76.4 in 59.7 in 61.6 in F70 x 14

1972 Dodge Challenger Options

Description Description
225-cid/145-hp Slant Six Tinted Windows (all glass)
340-cid/240-hp V-8 Tinted Windshield
TorqueFlite Transmission Two-Tone Paint
4-Speed Manual Transmission Music Master AM Radio
Power Steering Multiplex AM/FM Stereo Radio
Power Disc Brakes Music Master w/ Stereo Tape Cassette
Power Drum Brakes Simulated Wood Grain Sport Steering Wheel
Power Seats Electric Clock
Air Conditioning Front Center Console
Rear Window Defogger Bumper Guards
Bright Outside Mirrors Inside Hood Release
Racing Outside Mirrors Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers
Sure Grip Differential Rallye Suspension
Sill Moldings Rallye Instrument Cluster
Door Edge Protectors Vinyl Roof
Sun Roof Deluxe Wheel Covers
White Sidewall Tires Rallye Wheels
Raised White Letter Tires Road Wheels
Light Package E-Z Order Package
Axle Performance Package Rallye Package
Engine Options Location Of Engine Code: 6-Cyl - Right front of block, below cylinder head. Small-Block V-8 - Left front of block, below cylinder head.
Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission Carburetor
C 6-225 110 185 TorqueFlite, 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
G 8-318 150 265 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 2 BC
H 8-340 240 295 TorqueFlite, 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
Available Transmissions Axle Decoding Location Of Axle Codes: A metal tag is bolted to the assembly, giving the axle ratio or tooth count (if tooth count - divide the larger number by the smaller number, this is the ratio.) Locking axles have a metal tag with the letter "S" on it. Note: Since tags can easily be missing, the approximate ratio can be determined by marking both the a wheel and the driveshaft; turn the wheel one complete turn and the number of times the driveshaft rotates is the ratio. Locking axles can be identified by raising the complete axle assembly and turning one wheel; if the other wheel turns the the same direction it is a locking axle and if it turns the opposite direction it is a non-locking axle.
Challenger Axle Ratios
Engine   6-225 8-318 8-340
Locking / Non-Locking   L NL L NL L NL
Ratio 2.76   x   x    
3.23 x x x x x x
3.55         x  
Interior and Exterior Paint Chips 1972 Dodge Exterior Paint Codes. The first Paint Code identifies the roof or accent color. The second Paint Code identifies the body color. (For example, the combination W1-B5 on a Dodge would indicate the roof or accent area is in White and the body is finished in Bright Blue Metallic.) Paint code plates are located in the engine compartment on the left wheel housing, the fender side shield, or the radiator yoke. 1972 Dodge Interior Paint Codes
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