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1968 Buick Gran Sport
The '68 Gran Sport was available as an upgrade on the Skylark and Riviera.

1968 Buick Gran Sport

While the GS 350 appeared like the Skylark Custom on the inside, it had a more muscular appearance on the outside. All vinyl foam padded seats were standard equipment and bucket seats were optional. To identify, there is a GS 350 plaque on the center of the deck lid as well as the grille, door panels and rear fenders. There was also a "California GS" that was similar to the GS 350 but included a deluxe steering wheel, vinyl roof covering, Super Sport wheels, California script with GS emblems on the grille, roof panels and rear fenders. Among the standard features on the California GS were all vinyl seating, vent windows, chrome exterior tram and 2-speed automatic transmission.

The GS 400 could be identified by the GS 400 plaque on each front fender. Features included fake fender vents and functional hood scoops, folding seatback latches, all vinyl bench front seating, optional bucket seats and F70 x 14 wide tires.

Gran Sport equipment could be ordered on the Riviera which consisted of heavy duty front and rear suspensions, H70 x 15 red or white stripe tires, and positive track differential. The Gran Sport could be identified by the GS signature on the instrument panel as well as front fender GS monograms.

In a wake to the muscle car performance market, Buick quietly introduced a rare dealer installed option in 1968 called the "Stage 1 Special Package" which optioned the 400 cid engine with a hotter cam, 11.0:1 compression, stronger valve springs and a reworked transmission. Officially marked at a 345hp, most experts claim that it was more like 390hp and it dropped 1/4 mile times by 1 second or more. As Muscle cars were on the rise, it was a great indication of more performance that was yet to come.

1968 Buick Gran Sport Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
GS 350 Series
43400 37 2 dr Hardtop Coupe - 6P $2,926 3,375 lbs 8,317
GS 400 Series
44600 37 2 dr Hardtop Coupe - 6P $3,127 3,514 lbs 10,743
44600 67 2 dr Convertible - 6P $3,271 3,547 lbs 2,454


1968 Buick VIN Numbers

Serial numbers are located on the drivers side hinge pillar post, above the instrument panel and stamped on the engine block.

First Symbol - Make
4 = Buick
Second & Third Symbol - Series
33 - Special Deluxe 54 - LeSabre Custom
34 - Special Deluxe / GS350 64 - Wildcat
35 - Skylark 66 - Wildcat Custom
44 - Skylark Custom / Sportwagon 82 - Electra 225
46 - GS 400 84 - Electra 225 Custom
52 - LeSabre 94 - Riviera
Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style
27 - 2-dr Coupe 57 - 2-dr Hardtop
35 - 4-dr Coupe 65 - 4-dr three seat Sportwagon
37 - 2-dr Hardtop 67 - 2-dr Convertible
39 - 4-dr Hardtop 69 - 4-dr Sedan
55 - 4-dr Hardtop 87 - 2-dr Riviera Hardtop
Sixth Symbol - Model Year
8 - 1968
Seventh Symbol - Assembly Plant
B - Baltimore, MD. K - Kansas City, MO.
C - Southgate, CA. V - Bloomfield, MI.
D - Doraville, GA. X - Kansas City, KS.
H - Flint, MI.

Y - Wilmington, DE.

I - Oshawa, Ontario Canada Z - Fremont, OH.
Last Six Digits - Production Number
Sequential assembly number at that plant with series mixed in production.



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