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1966 Buick Wildcat Gran Sport
The Gran Sport option could be ordered on a 1965 Wildcat or Skylark.

1966 Buick Gran Sport

The Buick Gran Sport was first introduced in mid year of 1965 as an optional package on the Skylark models, consisting of the 2-door Coupe, Sport Coupe and Convertible. It was equipped with a 325 hp Wildcat V8 engine under the hood and a standard 3 speed manual transmission while the 4 speed manual or Super Turbine automatic where optional. With more than 15,000 optioned with the Gran Sport package in the first year, the Gran Sport became its own model option in 1966.

In addition to being offered on the Skylark series, the Gran Sport was also an option on the Wildcat. It was available on the base or custom 2 door sport coupe or convertible and could be identified by the GS plates on the front and rear of the vehicle. It also contained a larger engine with 340 hp, special handling package and a Positraction rear axle. Standard was the 3 speed manual transmission and only the Super Turbine automatic was available as an option.


1966 Buick Skylark Gran Sport Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
44600 44607 2-dr Coupe - 6P $2,956 3,479 lbs 1,835
44600 44617 2-dr Sport Coupe - 6P $3,019 3,428 lbs 9,934
44600 44667 2-dr Convertible - 6P $3,167 3,532 lbs 2,047

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Skylark 115 in. 204 in. 63.4 in. 63 in. 7.75 x 14

For more information about the Buick Gran Sport visit The Buick GS Club of America

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