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1968 AMC AMX
The debut of the AMC AMX

1968 AMC AMX

The AMC AMX was first introduced in 1968. American Motors created the two-seat sports car AMX (American Motors Experimental) based on its Javelin body with a shortened, slanted rear end, as a two-seat sports car. With a move towards flashier styling the AMX featured chrome plated sill covers, twin racing stripes, and could be optioned with the dual air scoops on the hood (although not yet functional). With a short 97 inch wheelbase the new AMX weighed in at about 3400 pounds. Fully equipped with the top of the line 390 cid, 315hp engine, the AMX offered plenty of power for most performance seekers. In February of 1968, race driver Craig Breedlove set over 100 world speed records with an AMX, and to celebrate this feat, about 50 special red, white, and blue "Craig Breedlove" editions were built.

1968 AMC AMX Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
AMX Series
6839-7   Fastback Coupe $3,245 3,097 lbs 6,725


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