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1967 Chevrolet Biscayne
1967 Chevrolet Biscayne

1967 Chevrolet Biscayne

The Bel Air was Chevrolet's mid-priced option for 1967. Not much had changed from the previous year and the full size automobiles were still a success for Chevrolet. You could pay a little extra to get some of the many features that came with the Bel Air including: glove compartment light, illuminated ignition switch and stylish interiors.


1967 Chevrolet Biscayne Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Biscayne Series 53 - Six-Cyl
53 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,464 3,410 lbs 54,200 Total
53 11 2 dr Sedan - 6P $2,442 3,335 lbs
53 35 4 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,817 3,765 lbs
Biscayne Series 54 - V-8
54 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,589 3,525 lbs 38,600 Total
54 11 2 dr Sedan - 6P $2,547 3,465 lbs
54 35 4 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,923 3,885 lbs

Notes: Total Station Wagon production for all Chevrolet's included 11,400 (6-cylinder) and 140,700 (V8).

VIN Numbers

Serial Numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar (center pillar on Corvair). The Fisher Body number plate on the right-hand side of the cowl gives additional information such as the body style number, the production sequence number, the trim (upholstery) number code and the paint number code.
First Symbol - Manufacturer
1 = Chevrolet
Second & Third Symbol - Series
01 = Corvair 500 six-cylinder 33 = Chevelle 300 Deluxe/Std. El Camino six-cylinder
05 = Corvair Monza six-cylinder 34 = Chevelle 300 Deluxe/Std. El Camino V-8
07 = Corvair Corsa six-cylinder 35 = Chevelle Malibu/Custom El Camino six-cylinder
11 = Chevy II 100 four-cylinder 36 = Chevelle Malibu/Custom El Camino V-8
R12 = Corvir Forward Control six-cylinder 37 = Chevelle Concours six-cylinder
13 = Chevy II 100 six-cylinder 38 = Chevelle Concours/Super Sport V-8
14 = Chevy II 100 V-8 53 = Biscayne six-cylinder
15 = Chevy II Nova exc. Super Sport six-cylinder 54 = Biscayne V-8
16 = Chevy II Nova exc. Super Sport V-8 55 = Bel Air six cylinder
17 = Chevy II Nova Super Sport 56 = Bel Air V-8
18 = Chevy II Nova Super Sport 63 = Impala six-cylinder
23 = Camaro six-cylinder 64 = Impala V-8
24 = Camaro V-8 66 = Caprice
25 = Deluxe Camaro six-cylinder 67 = Impala Super Sport six-cylinder
26 = Deluxe Camaro V-8 68 = Impala Super Sport V-8
31 = Chevelle 300 six-cylinder 94 = Corvette
32 = Chevelle 300 V-8  
Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style
11 = two-door sedan 39 = four-door hardtop or sport sedan
15 = two-door station wagon 6p 45 = four-door station wagon 9p
17 = two-door hardtop 47 = two-door hardtop
27 = two-door sedan 67 = convertible
35 = four-door station wagon 6p 69 = four-door sedan
37 = two-door hardtop or sport coupe 87 = two-door hardtop
Sixth Symbol - Last Digit Of The Model Year
7 = 1967
Seventh Symbol - Assembly Plant
(A) Atlanta, Georgia (P) Pontiac, Michigan
(B) Baltimore, Maryland (R) Arlington, Texas
(C) Southgate, California (S) St. Louis, Missouri
(D) Doraville, Wisconsin (T) Tarrytown, New York
(F) Flint, Michigan (U) Lordstown, Ohio
(G) Framingham, Massachusetts (W) Willow Run, Michigan
(J) Janesville, Wisconsin (Y) Wilmington, Delaware
(K) Kansas City, Missouri (Z) Fremont, California
(L) Los Angeles, California (1) Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
(N) Norwood, Ohio (2) St. Therese, Quebec, Canada
Last Six Symbols - Production Sequence
Started at 100001


155 hp 6 (250 cu. in.)-Standard all series except Caprice. 195 hp V8 (283 cu. in.)-Standard all V8 models. 275 hp V8 (327 cu. in.)-$92.70. 325 hp V8 (396 cu. in.)-$158.00 385 hp V8 (427 cu. in.)-$316.00.


3.Speed Manual-Standard with 155 hp 6, 195 and 275 hp V8's. Available with Overdrive at $115.90 on 155 hp 6 and 195 hp V8. 3-Speed Heavy Duty Transmission for 325 and 385 hp V8's - $79.00. 4-Speed Manual - $184.35. Automatic Transmission - 184.35 with 155 hp 6; $194.85 with 195, 275 and 325 hp V8's.
Turbo Hydra-Matic-$226.45 with 275 (Impala SS and Caprice only), 325 and 385 hp V8's.


Power Steering-$94.80. Power Brakes $42.15. Power Brakes including Front Disc Brakes - $121.l5. Power Windows (4) - $100.10, not available on Biscayne series or Bel Air 2-door Sedan. Station Wagon Power Tailgate Window, 3 - seat models - Standard; 2 - Seat models - $31.60. Power Seat, 4 - way (for driver bucket seat) - $69.55. 6 - way $94.80, not available on Biscayne.


(PUSH BUTTON) AM-$57.40. AM - $57.40 AM-FM - $133.80. AM-FM Stereo - $239.15. Stereo Tape Player - $128.50.


Air Conditioning - $356.00, with automatic control - $435.00. Tilt-Wheel Steering - $42.l5. Whitewall Tires - $35.55. Station Wagons - $35.50. Wheel Trim Covers - $2l.l0. Vinyl Roof -$79.00. Speed and Cruise Control (V8 only) - $50.05. E-Z-Eye Glass - $36.90.

Transmission Codes

Transmission Location
Powerglide (Corvair) On top of the case in the rear at 11 o'clock.
Powerglide Passenger (exc. Corvair) Immediately behind right hand machining lug with the bottom of the sticker parallel to mold flash.
Powerglide All models stamped on the right side of transmission oil pan.
Turbo Hydra-Matic Right hand vertical surface of transmission case
3-Speed Corvair and fully synchronized Passenger (exc. Warner Gear) transmissions stamped on square boss on left side below and rear of cover
4-Speed Passenger models (exc. Corvair) stamped on right side of case ahead of the extension.
4-Speed (Corvair) Stamped on boss on lower left side of case just below side cover.

Plant and Type Designation Prefix Plant Transmission Type
N Muncie 4-Speed
W Warner Gear 3 and 4-Speed
P Muncie 4-Speed
R Saginaw 4-Speed
S Saginaw 3-Speed
M Muncie 3-Speed, Overdrive*
C Cleveland Powerglide
T Toledo Powerglide
CA Hydra-Matic 3-Speed, Automatic Turbo Hydra-Matic
D Saginaw Overdrive
K McKinnon 3-Speed
E McKinnon Powerglide
O Saginaw Overdrive
X Cleveland Turbo Hydra-Matic 350
B Cleveland Turbo Hydra-Matic 350
Y Toledo Turbo Hydra-Matic 350
A Cleveland 2-Speed, Manual Powerglide
*Overdrive distinguished from 3-Speed by physical appearance only. The above transmissions (exc. Warner Gear) will carry a production code number such as: C1116N (C = Cleveland Powerglide, 11 = November, 16 = 16th, N = Night Shift). The Warner Gear transmissions will carry a production code number such as: WG1031 (W = Warner Gear 4-Spd., G = July, 10 = 10th, 7 = 1967, 1 = First Shift).

Paint Codes - Exterior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

A - Tuxedo Black
Lucite® Code - 88
Dulux® Code - 93-005

L - Tahoe Turquoise (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4824L
Dulux® Code - 4824DH

C - Ermine White
Lucite® Code - 4024L
Dulux® Code - 93-37774

M - Royal Plum (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4832L
Dulux® Code - 4832DH

D - Nantucket Blue (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4815L
Dulux® Code - 4815D

N - Madeira Maroon (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4624H
Dulux® Code - 181-97213M

E - Deepwater Blue (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4817L
Dulux® Code - 4817D

R - Bolero Red
Lucite® Code - 4822LH
Dulux® Code - 4822DH

F - Marina Blue (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4850L
Dulux® Code - 4850D

S - Sierra Fawn (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4826L
Dulux® Code - 4826D

G - Granada Gold (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4825L
Dulux® Code - 4825D

T - Capri Cream
Lucite® Code - 4819L
Dulux® Code - 4819D

H - Mountain Green (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4816L
Dulux® Code - 4816D

Y - Butternut Yellow
Lucite® Code - 4620L
Dulux® Code - 93-96908

K - Emerald Turquoise (metallic)
Lucite® Code - 4818L
Dulux® Code - 4818D

NOTES: The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body color. The second letter identifies the roof color. (For example, the combination RA on a Chevrolet would indicate the body finished in Bolero Red and the roof area in Tuxedo Black.) General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left cross-rail in the engine compartment. Corvette paint code plate is on the instrument panel brace, below the glove compartment.

Paint Codes - Interior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

Yellow (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9383LH

Dark Blue (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9395LH

Medium Gold (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9390L

Dark Blue (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9373LH

Dark Gold (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9406LH

Dark Bright Blue (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9286LH

Dark Gold (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9378L

Red (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9366LM

Medium Fawn (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9391L

Dark Red (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9201LM

Dark Fawn (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9403L

Dark Maroon (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9389LM

Dark Fawn (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9375L

Maroon (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9293LM

Medium Turquoise (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9398LH

Plum (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9384LM

Dark Turquoise (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9399LH

Plum (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9200LM

Dark Turquoise (metallic) (flat)
Lucite® Code - 9374LH

Black (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 88

Medium Bright Blue (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9387LH

Black (flat)
Lucite® Code - 4428L


Medium Blue (metallic) (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9392LH


NOTE: Unpolished LUCITE® will generally produce a gloss comparable to original interior semi-gloss finishes. If lower gloss is required, use 1/2 oz. DuPont #4528 flattening compound to a pint of unreduced color.


Striping Colors

Striping Colors Station Wagon Wood Grain Touch-Up Colors

Lucite® Code - 88

Dark Tan
Lucite® Code - 9427L

Lucite® Code - 4024L

Light Tan
Lucite® Code - 9548L


Trunk Colors (spatter finish)

Black - Gray - Aqua 389 - 259

Protect-O-Plate Decoding

Location Description Location Description
A Interior Trim J Radio - Clock Group
B Body Exterior Paint K Radio Code
C Vehicle Identification Number L Disc Brake Code
D Carburetor Source Code M Air Conditioning
E Engine Number N Power Window Code
F Rear Axle Number O Power Seat Code
G Vehicle Build Month Code P Chevrolet Trade Mark
H Transmission Number Q Dealer Supplied Owner Information
I Power Steering and/or Power Brakes  
Location A - Interior Trim
Code Color Code Color
A Red Vinyl M Maroon
B Blue N Black Cloth
C Black Vinyl P Plum
D Red R Bright Blue
E Black S Blue Cloth
F Fawn T Turquoise
G Golf U Blue Vinyl (Opt.)
H Blue Vinyl V Fawn Vinyl
K Parchment Black W Gold Cloth
L Black Vinyl (Opt.) Y Yellow
Code Color Code Color
B Dark Teal Blue Vinyl N Dark Teal Blue Leather
C Saddle Vinyl R Bright Blue Vinyl
D Red Vinyl S White/Black Vinyl
E Black Vinyl T Bright Blue Leather
J Saddle Leather W White/Blue Vinyl
K Black Leather X Dark Green Vinyl
M Red Leather  
Location B - Exterior Color
All passenger models will have RPO letter designation stamped in this location. On two tone combinations, the first letter indicates the lower color, second letter the upper color. See Exterior Paint Codes in the VIN & Decoding section.
Location C - Vehicle Identification Number
A five digit numbering system will be used on all 1967-1969 passenger cars.
10000 Series - Corvair 13000 Series - Chevelle
11000 Series - Chevy II 15000, 16000 Series - Chevrolet
12000 Series - Camaro 19000 Series - Corvette
The first two digits denote the vehicle series. The third indicates base engine equipment, and the two remaining numbers identify the body style. When the third digit is odd (1, 3, 5, 7), the base engine is an inline four or six cylinder. When the third number is even (2, 4, 6, 8), the base engine is a V-8.
The complete serial number consists of the above model identification, year of manufacture, plant designation, and sequence number.
Example: 164397F100500
16439 = Impala V-8 4-Dr. Sport Sedan, 7 = 1967 Model, F = Flint Built. 100500 = 500th 1967 Chevrolet built at Flint
Location D - Carburetor Source
Code Plant Code Plant
B Bay City H Holley
C Carter R Rochester

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