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You travel first class in a Pontiac Catalina with so many conveniences that come as standard equipment.

1962 Pontiac Catalina

For 1962, the Catalina grew about an inch and a half. Styling features included V-shaped twin grille, full length side sculpturing, and new rear end styling with curved taillights. Vista sedans no longer had the flat top look and sport coupes had multi-plane roofs with a convertible like appearance. The Ventura trim became a add on package for two to the Catalinas.

You travel first class in a Pontiac Catalina with so many conveniences that come as standard equipment. Electric wipers, dual visors, foot operated parking brake, automatic interior lighting, front and rear dual armrests, cushioned instrument panel, individually controlled air vents, crank operated ventipanes, foam front seat padding, and full carpeting. All this plus a cigarette lighter, ash trays and instrument panel snack bar. Interiors of cloth and Morrokide combinations or all-Morrokide with a wide selection of colors and quality stitching. (The Ventura Custom Interior offers even more luxury).

The heartbeat of the Catalina includes a V8 rated from 215 to 348 horsepower.

Standard Equipment on the 1962 Pontiac Catalina included:

  • "Magic-Mirror" Paint
  • Automatic Interior Lighting
  • Foam Front Cushions
  • Crank Operated Vent Panes
  • Cigar Lighter
  • Direction Signals
  • Single Speed Electric Windshield Wipers
  • Dual Inside Sun Visors
  • Trimmed Luggage Compartment
  • One Instrument Panel Ash Tray
  • Circ-L-Aire Heater and Defroster
  • Laminated Safety Plate Glass in windshields and Venti-panes. Solid Tempered Safety Plate Glass in other windows (except Convertible rear window).

Engine Data

Location Of Engine Code: (Four Cyl.) - Stamped on right front side of block or beneath the engine sequence number on machined pad on right hand bank of engine block. (Six Cyl.) - Stamped on right front side of block. (V-8) - Stamped on right front side of block or beneath the engine sequence number on machined pad on right hand bank of engine block. Note: Some Tempest engines have the letter code on the same line following the engine sequence number.
110 195 Std. Engine 1 Bbl.  89Z  19405 
110  195  Taxi  1 Bbl.  85Z  31 
110 195 Export  1 Bbl.  88Z  151 
115  195 Std. Engine  1 Bbl.  79Y  93228 
115 195 Export  1 Bbl.  78Y  260 
120  195 Spec. Equip.  1 Bbl.  86Z  1749 
120  195 Trailer Option  1 Bbl.  83Z  25 
140  195 Spec. Equip.  A 1 Bbl.  76Y 9275
166 195 Spec. Equip.  M 4 Bbl.  87Z 7187
166 195 Trailer Option  M 4 Bbl.  84Z 350
166 195 Std. Engine  A 4 Bbl.  77Y 9914
185 215 Spec. Equip. Buick V8 M 4 Bbl.  91Z 90 
185 215 Export Buick V8 A 4 Bbl.  96Y 103 
185 215 Spec. Equip. Buick V8 A 4 Bbl.  97Y 813 
215 389 Std. Engine  M 2 Bbl.  01A 7822 
215 389 H.D. Clutch M 2 Bbl.  03B 191 
230 389  Std. Engine - 425E A 2 Bbl.  20L 28312 
230 389  A/Cond. - 425E A 2 Bbl.  21L 1522 
230 389  26-27-28 - 425E A 2 Bbl.  40R 2499 
230 389  26-27-28 - A/Cond. A 2 Bbl.  41R 412 
235 389  Std. Engine M 4 Bbl.  02B 2179 
235 389  H.D. Clutch M 4 Bbl.  04B 504 
240 389  Export A 2 Bbl.  23H 188 
240 389  Export M 2 Bbl.  05A 51 
257 389  Export A 2 Bbl.  44M 18 
267 389  Std. Engine A 2 Bbl.  15H 132531 
267 389  Std. Engine - A/Cond. A 2 Bbl.  17H 23557 
276 389 Export A 4 Bbl. 45P 93 
283 389 Taxi & Police A 2 Bbl.  35M 25653 
283 389 26 Series - A/Cond. A 2 Bbl.  37M 12299 
303 389 Std. Engine & Police M 4 Bbl. 06B 2698 
303 389 Std. Engine A 4 Bbl. 16K 21572 
303 389 23-29 Series - A/Cond. A 4 Bbl. 18K 7491 
303 389 27-28 Series - Std. Engine A 4 Bbl. 36P 70070 
303 389 27-28 Series - A/Cond. A 4 Bbl. 38P 26523 
303 389 Police A 4 Bbl. 39N 180 
318 389 Spec. Equip. M 3-2 Bbl. 10B 2656 
318 389 Spec. Equip. A 3-2 Bbl. 27J 2023 
318 389 26-27-28 Spec. Equip. A 3-2 Bbl. 49N 2062 
333 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A M 4 Bbl. 08B 609 
333 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A A 4 Bbl. 25J 144 
333 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A A 4 Bbl. 47N 122 
348 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A M 3-2 Bbl. 11B 2092
348 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A A 3-2 Bbl. 28J 32
348 389 Spec. Equip. - 425A A 3-2 Bbl. 50N 283 
385 389 Super Duty 389 M 4 Bbl. 12T 13
320 421 Spec. Equip. 421 A 4 Bbl. 29K 72
405 421 Super Duty 421 M 2-4 Bbl. 13U 200

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Options and Accessories

Guide-Matic Headlight Control Safe-T-Track Differential
Bucket Seats (Bonneville convertible) Four Barrel Carburetor
Console (Bonneville convertible) Tri-Power Induction
Padded Dash "425A" w/ 4-Barrel
Power Bench Seat "425A" w/ Tri-Power
Power Bucket Seat 421-cid Super Duty
Power Brakes Split-Back Seat (Safari)
Power Steering 3-Speed Manual Transmission
Magi-Cruise Super Hydra-Matic Transmission
Ventura Trim (Catalina 4-Dr Sedan & 2 Dr Hardtop) 4-Speed Manual Transmission
Aluminum Hubs & Drums Dual Exhaust
Power Tailgate Window Two-Speed Wipers
Power Windows Windshield Washers
Aluminum Wheel Hubs and Brake Drums
Integrated aluminum wheel face and drum bonded to cast iron braking surface, virtually immune to fade. Factory Installed.
  Engine Options
The Trophy V-8 with 4-barrel carburetor is standard on the Grand Prix and Bonneville and available at extra cost on other models. Tri-power Trophy V-8 engine available all models. Trophy V-8 economy package with Hydra-Matic also available on all models. Factory Installed.
"Wonder-Touch" Power Steering
Drive, shift and park with amazing ease, one to two pounds of effort is sufficient for steering, a good suggestion for fuller enjoyment of a new Pontiac.
  Improved Pontiac Hydra-Matics
Improved for quieter, smoother shifting. The Roto Hydra-Matic is designed specifically for the shorter wheelbase models, the Super Hydra-Matic engineered for the longer wheelbase model. Factory Installed.
Six-Way Power Seats
This unit allows wide choice of seat position. Promotes easier steering, better visibility, and safer driving.
  "Wonder-Touch" Power Brakes
Give positive braking and car control with a light touch of the toe. Braking is easier, quick stops are made with greater assurance. Factory or Dealer Installed.
Safe-T-Track Differential
When one rear wheel gets stuck, some wheel torque automatically goes to the other one, gets you out of mud and snow, prevents loss of time, gives you better road feel. Factory Installed.
Especially designed for turnpike driving, Magi-Cruise retains throttle setting with foot removed from accelerator. Helps cut driver fatigue, improves comfort, fuel economy advantages. Becomes unlocked in an instant by touching the brake pedal. Factory or Dealer Installed.
Power Window Lift
Automatically operate all vertical moving windows from a single control panels at the drivers side. Individual control buttons near each window let passengers adjust window
as desired. Factory Installed.
  "Soft-Ray" Glass
Fully tinted Safety Plate Glass on all windows with the upper windshield area shaded. Eyestrain is reduced day and night, sun and headlight glow are tamed, and car is cooler. Recommended for air-conditioned cars, also available for windshield only. Factory Installed.
Right-Hand Ash Tray (Catalina Décor Group Only)
Handy snap-out ashtray on right side of the instrument panel, a real convenience for front seat passengers, easily removed for emptying. Included in Décor Group • Factory Installed.
  New Custom Steering Wheel
Recessed hub styling with double hand-grip sections in metallic pearl plastic and upper-lower rim in transparent colors over chrome, horn ring handy to reach. Included in Décor Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
De Luxe Wheel Disc (Catalina Models Only)
Chrome flashed stainless steel discs feature six depressed "V" grooves, new design of the outer rim. Included in Décor Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Pontiac Door-Edge Guard
Gleaming stainless steel strips that help prevent nicks and scratches on the edge of the door and add beauty to the exterior. Included in Protection Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
Spare Tire and Wheel Cover
Dresses up your luggage compartment, protects luggage from marring and scratching. Easily slips on and off. Standard on Bonneville, available for all other models. Included in Protection Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Floor Mats (Front and Rear Compartments)
Help keep your car looking like new by protecting carpet, especially during winter months. Easily removed for washing, available in harmonizing colors. Included in Protection Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
Safeguard Speedometer Indicator-Fuel Level Lamp
Provides warning of excess speed and low fuel. Simple dial knob lets you select desired speed limit. Buzzer sound and amber caution light, red light reminds you to refuel. Included in Safety Group - Factory Installed.
  Instrument Panel Pad (Standard on Grand Prix and Bonneville)
Pad is finished in beautiful, durable Seville grain vinyl, which harmonized with the interior color scheme; padding is resilient, long lasting foam. Included in Safety Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
Windshield Washers
A push of a button and two streams of fluid jet on the windshield, dirt and grime are swept away by the windshield wipers. Included in Safety Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Visor Vanity Mirror
Clips easily to back of visor, ready for use any time, out of sight when not in use. Included in Mirror Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
Inside Non-Glare Tilt Mirror
Flip of a tab eliminates hazard or blinding lights approaching from the rear, tabs are plainly marked "Night" and "Day". Included in Mirror Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Remote Control Mirror
Is easily adjusted from the inside of the car, sharp styling, front surface chrome plated to guarantee sharp clear image. Included in Mirror Group • Factory or Dealer Installed.
Luggage and Utility Lamps (Sedans and Coupes)
Automatic lighting when trunk is lifted, lamp lifts from bracket and has about 17 feet of self-storing extension cord. Under hood and Utility lamp unit is available on all Safaris. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Dome Reading Lamp
Passenger can read at night with disturbing driver, concentrated spot beam swings a full 360 degrees. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory Installed.
Parking Brake Warning Lamp
Light mounted on lower left side of instrument cluster flashes a bright red warning when ignition is turned on and parking brake is set. Light continues on until brake is released. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Cigar Lighter and Ash Tray Lamps
Glow automatically when parking lights or headlights go on, become visible when ashtrays are pulled out or when lighter plug is removed. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamps (Standard on Catalina Convertible and all Bonneville Models)
Driver and passengers enter and leave the car safely and conveniently at nights. Lamps flash on when front door is opened. Can be operated manually by a switch on the instrument panel. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Glove Compartment Lamp
Find what you want in a jiffy, compartment lights automatically when door is opened. Included in the Lamp Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
Separa-Phonic Rear Seat Speaker System
Stereo-like listening in the car with brilliant tone quality and control. Three-step switch lets you play through the front, rear or both speakers. Included in De Luxe Basic Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
  "Wonder Bar" Radio and Manual Antenna
Actually hunts out the strongest stations and tunes them in automatically. Manual antenna on right fender. Included in De Luxe Basic Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
Back-Up Lamps
Light up automatically when you shift to reverse, illuminating are behind your car.
Added safety for driver, pedestrians and other motorists. Included in Basic Group Included in De Luxe Basic Group Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Heavy Duty Air Cleaner and Silencer
Helps assure longer engine life, protects intricate parts of your engine from dust and dirt particles. Included in Basic Group • Included in De Luxe Basic Group • Factory Installed.
Custom Foam Cushion • Front Only
The ultimate in luxury motoring comfort. Custom lounge 1 ¼" foam pad. Reduces road shock and affords a more relaxing ride. Included in Basic Group • Included in De Luxe Basic Group • Factory Installed.
  Dual Speed Electric Wipers
Extra-large 18" overlapping wipers clear middle windshield area for greater all-around visibility. Blades electrically driven, operated at two speed. Included in Basic Group • Included in De Luxe Basic Group • Factory Installed.
Super Deluxe Radio - Manual Antenna
Modernized with fully transistorized chassis that requires no warm-up period. Dial escutcheon and push buttons restyled. Included in Basic Group - Factory or Dealer Installed.
Dual Speed Electric Wipers
  Chrome Luggage Carrier (Safari Only)
Handsome and sturdy, made for the outdoorsman or vacationer, handy side rails provide perfect tie-down spot for tarps, luggage, etc. Factory or Dealer Installed.
Rear Load Area Pad (Safari Only)
An ideal item for those long trips with children, doubles as mattress or beach pad, makes it much more comfortable in the load area for kids. Dealer Installed.
  Power Tailgate Window (Safari Only)
With two conveniently located switches, lets you raise or lower tailgate window with the touch of a finger. Makes it easy to open tailgate, standard on Pontiac 9-passenger Safari. Factory Installed.
Side Window Screen (Safari Only)
Great for transporting children or pets, made of heavy gauge longwearing aluminum, attach permanently to inner rear door window frames without interfering with window operation. Dealer Installed.
  Rear Window Screen (Safari Only)
Allows you to drive with rear window open for added air circulation, keeps out dirt and bugs when camping, screen is made of fine reinforced mesh. Dealer Installed.
Seat Belts
Afford added safety on the highway; belts are made of heavy webbing belt fabric with heavy cam-action aluminum buckle, designed to established specifications. Dealer Installed.
  Remote Control Trunk Lid Release (Except Safaris)
Lets you open trunk from passenger compartment without removing key from ignition, pull type control is located on right-hand inside wall of glove box. Dealer Installed.
Full Width Floor Mat (Front Only)
Specially tailored to fit your new Pontiac perfectly, easily removed for cleaning, durable for long wear, extends from door to door. Dealer Installed.
  Cushion Topper
Gives extra protection to that much-used seat, adds to comfort, soft foam rubber pad covers entire seat cushion. Dealer Installed.
Clear Plastic Seat Covers
Made of heavy gauge longwearing plastic, fashionable sensible protection for upholstery, easy to clean, helps keep re-sale value high. Dealer Installed.
  Pontiac Tissue Dispenser
Holds a regular-size Kleenex box, unit mounts under instrument panel, swings out for use, swings back when not needed. Dealer Installed.
Pontiac Litter Basket
Provides an ideal way of avoiding clutter and keeping interior neater, mounted neatly out of the way under instrument panel. Dealer Installed.
  Pontiac "Glare Shields"
Made of special transparent, green-tinted Plexiglas, fit neatly along upper inside of windshield, cut annoying sun glare, keeps car cooler. Dealer Installed.
New Pontiac Rear Door Safety Lock (4-door Models Only)
Helps prevent accidental opening of rear door by young children, once lock button is pushed down, rear doors cannot be opened without inserting a key into lock lever and raising button. Dealer Installed.
  Pontiac Trumpet Horn
Which blasts out with authority at oncoming traffic especially valuable on turnpikes and open roads. Dealer Installed.
Pontiac Electric Clock (Catalina Only)
Features a sweep second hand and special built-in automatic self-regulator, illuminated for easy night reading. Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Spot Lamp with Mirror
Easily controlled from inside the car. Completely chromed spot lamp features non-glare chrome surfaced reflecting rear-view mirror, also adjusted from inside the car. Dealer Installed.
Guide-Matic Headlamp Control
Automatically dims or flicks up brights when needed and "Safety-Salute" signals oncoming drivers in a courteous, but urgent manner. Factory or Dealer Installed.
  Cool-Pack Air Conditioner
Carries a low price tag yet affords wonderful cooling advantages, cooling unit fits snugly under instrument panel. Dealer Installed.
New Custom Wheel Discs
To give your Pontiac the well-dressed look, made of chrome-flashed stainless steel, they have three spinners on the outer surface. Factory or Dealer Installed.
  White Sidewall Tires (tubeless)
New narrow band-sportier white sidewall tires give the car extra prestige and add greater resale value. Factory or Dealer Installed.
Pontiac "No-Mar" Fuel Door Guard
Protects your car from nicks or scratches, made of sturdy stainless steel that won't rust or corrode. Dealer Installed.
  Circ-L-Aire Air Conditioner
Allows you to drive on hottest days with windows closed, reduces dust and pollen in the car interior. Entire system is custom designed for your Pontiac. Factory or Dealer Installed.
Dual Exhaust
Available on all models, cuts down backpressure in exhaust system adding to efficiency. Standard on Grand Prix. Factory or Dealer Installed.

Specification Chart

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Catalina Series 23
23 69 4d Sedan - 6P $2,796 3,765 lbs 68,124
23 39 4d Vista Hardtop - 6P $2,936 3,825 lbs 29,251
23 11 2d Sedan - 6P $2,725 3,705 lbs 14,263
23 47 2d Hardtop - 6P $2,860 3,730 lbs 46,024
23 67 2d Convertible - 5P $3,172 3,855 lbs 16,877
23 45 4d Station Wagon - 9P $3,301 4,220 lbs 10,716
23 35 4d Station Wagon - 6P $3,193 4,180 lbs 19,399


  1. 204,654 Catalinas Were Built
  2. 13,104 had Synchromesh
  3. 191,550 had Hydra-Matic
  4. Approx. 1,514 had the 421 Super Duty
Model Series Identification
2369 - 4d Sedan - 6P 2367 - 2d Convertible - 5P
2339 - 4d Vista Hardtop - 6P 2345 - 4d Station Wagon - 9P
2311 - 2d Sedan - 6P 2335 - 4d Station Wagon - 6P
2347 - 2d Hardtop - 6P  

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Catalina 119 in 211.6 in 78.6 in 62.5 in 62.5 in 8.00 x 14
Catalina Station Wagon 119 in 212.3 in 78.6 in 62.5 in 62.5 in 8.50 x 14

VIN Decoding

Vin Number was on the left front door hinge pillar.
First Symbol - Series
0 = Tempest (std.) 6 = Star Chief
1 = Tempest 7 = Bonneville Station Wagon
2 = LeMans 8 = Bonneville
3 = Catalina 9 = Grand Prix
Second & Third Symbol - Year
62 = 1962
Fourth Symbol - Assembly Plant
(A) Arlington, Texas (P) Pontiac, Michigan
(D) Doraville, Georgia (S) Southgate, California
(K) Kansas City, Kansas (W) Wilmington, Delaware
(L) Linden, New Jersey  
Last Four Symbols - Production Sequence
Started at 1001

Paint Codes - Exterior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

V - Madalay Red
Lucite® Code - 2931LH
Dulux® Code - 93-93037H

Q - Seafoam Aqua
Lucite® Code - 4252LH
Dulux® Code - 181-95182H

C - Cameo Ivory
Lucite® Code - 4024L
Dulux® Code - 93-93774

P - Aquamarine Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4253LH
Dulux® Code - 181-95183H

L - Belmar Red Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4034LH
Dulux® Code - 181-17182H

J - Silverleaf Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4255L
Dulux® Code - 181-95185

M - Bamboo Cream
Lucite® Code - 4151L
Dulux® Code - 93-94079

R - Yuma Beige
Lucite® Code - 4256L
Dulux® Code - 93-95186

D - Silvermist Gray Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4247L
Dulux® Code - 181-95176
T - Caravan Gold Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4257L
Dulux® Code - 181-95187
H - Kimberly Blue
Lucite® Code - 4249L
Dulux® Code - 93-95179
N - Royal Mist Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4260LH
Dulux® Code - 882-95192LH

F - Yorktown Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4250LH
Dulux® Code - 93-95179

A - Starlight Black
Lucite® Code - 88L
Dulux® Code - 93-005

E - Ensign Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4251LH
Dulux® Code - 181-95181H

NOTES: General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left rear wheel housing. Corvette paint code plate is not shown on car.

Paint Codes - Interior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

Duco® Code - 77991

Not Available Burgundy Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4063H
Not Available
Caravan Gold Metallic
Duco® Code - 95478
Not Available Velvet Black (textured)
Duco® Code - 4065H
Not Available
Aquamarine Metallic
Duco® Code - 95479
Not Available Ensign Blue Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4328H
Not Available
Yorktown Blue Metallic
Duco® Code - 95480
Not Available Oxford Gray Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4329H
Not Available
Silverleaf Green Metallic
Duco® Code - 95481
Not Available Carib Aqua Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4330H
Not Available
Camden Gray Metallic
Duco® Code - 95554
Not Available Mocha Brown (textured)
Duco® Code - 4332H
Not Available
Saddle Metallic
Duco® Code - 95562
Not Available Dark Green Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4333H
Not Available
Guard Red
Duco® Code - 95563H
Not Available Dark Fawn Metallic (textured)
Duco® Code - 4334H
Not Available

NOTE: Unrubbed LUCITE® will generally produce a gloss comparable to original unrubbed interior semi-gloss finishes. If lower gloss is required, use DuPont #4528 flattening compound to reduce gloss.

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