A Rusty 1957 Chevy
This Rusty 1957 Chevy 2dr hardtop was found near Paragould, Arkansas on the side of a gravel road about 3 feet away from the edge. In the summer you could not see it for the vines. It was purchased and now resides in another field in Arkansas.
Community Feedback
spaceneedles  - June 12, 2014
I'd turn it to a couch. To many at th shows
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
Too bad this car is so rough. It would be awsome restored!
keebler  - April 25, 2010
is this the stripped down model
metallicafan88  - March 6, 2010
i don't no if its fire because you can see a little fabric on the top of the seat on the far right side
myhot56kustom  - November 3, 2009
id bet its rusty because it looks alot like a fire burnt it to a crisp.just a hunch,it looks tarnished....
53plypat  - November 1, 2009
Agreed, this one's a little rough. Be interesting to find out what they paid for it.
chevygilligboy  - October 31, 2009
man i love 57 chevys-too bad its so rusty
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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