1953 Studebaker Conastogo Wagon
1953 Studebaker Conastogo Wagon, VERY VERY RARE!!! A 1953 Studebaker Conastogo Wagon!!!!!!!! It is being used as decoration now!
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ace120  - May 1, 2011
It's killing me to see how this car handles!
fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
Don't you hate backseat drivers. He must of hated them to death
58chevyguy  - July 21, 2010
keebler  - April 25, 2010
now thats a bare bones car
abigfoot  - August 24, 2009
taillights must be out he signaling to stop
ford808  - August 16, 2009
Saw one of these in a junkyard in Chesapeake, VA. back in the '80s. Engine was gone and had a tree growing up through the engine compartment. Body was solid though and still had most of the glass. Had I known then how rare they were I'd have bought it. Eventually someone did. Darn!
ironfire  - July 19, 2009
apparently these guys knew the future of studebaker
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
Have a nice trip!
oldtimerider  - January 3, 2009
Love 53& 54 Studebakers.Lots were made in to salt shakers.Like the coupes and hardtops better but this wagon is rare.289 I think was the v-eight size they had then.Lots were made with three speed stick with over drive in them.Wish they had shown the front to.They were so far ahead of most in sleek.
legratrodder  - December 20, 2008
No "bones" about it, this car is cool
oldjalopy  - April 9, 2008
I like it !!!
19cvy57man  - February 25, 2008
Did they come with the factory GM rally wheels?.
rustysouth  - January 5, 2008
I call SHOT GUN!!
totalcarnut  - December 30, 2007
You go hotrodtommy not a lot of people know a lot about studes these days Just an interesting note for those who may not know it the 53 body style was actually used in every Studebaker car and truck (the champ) ever built after it right up until the last model rolled out of Canada in 67 they refered to the practice as makeing rolling changes something most all cars do these days but they did it because being independent they couldn't afford a completely different cars each year as was the norm in those days ah the good old days when it was actually exciting to see what the new models were going to look like every year you gotta love a 2 door station wagon though also the 53 body style was the first sleek body style of the at that time modern day cars most all the rest didn't catch up until 57
58fury  - December 27, 2007
>Batteries And Living Chauffeurs NOT Included< LOL
55pickup  - May 22, 2007
Hey look! It comes with the original owners!! KQQL!
hotrodtommy  - March 3, 2007
Groovie sense of humor. Waiting in a gas line? Must be 54, though. Not made until then. I'd still love to have it!
corvairscaddys  - February 15, 2007
greg500  - February 11, 2007
hawk`s cousins a craftsman!
fenderuse22  - November 22, 2006
that could be really sweet.
skip  - September 16, 2006
how much is it and where is it?.
rustyoldman  - August 3, 2006
Looks like it slowed down to make a right in 53.
leadsled1953  - June 1, 2006
is that the orginial owner driving?
1962amcrambler  - August 8, 2005
WOW! This would make a great hot rod!!!! I am looking for a car to put my 1958 Studebaker V-8 with automatic trans and 4bbl in!! This would be great!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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