Auto Transport

Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle online, have already purchased or need help moving your vehicle due to a long-distance move, an auto transport company can help you get your auto shipped. Shipping and transporting your auto is protecting your investment and finding a reputable company with reasonable prices and experience can be overwhelming.

Once you know the basics of auto transport, you can look for a reputable trustworthy auto transporter with good service, rates and reliability. Plus you will want to take into consideration the type of shipping method you would like to use. Here are a few main points to consider:

Open or Enclosed shipping? Open auto transport & shipping trailers usually hold more autos, is generally less expensive but also leaves your auto open to damage from the elements including hail, rain, snow, road debris, and damage from leaky fluids or loose items coming from other cars on the auto transport trailer. Enclosed auto shipping trailers can eliminate damage from the elements and offer better protection, but typically cost a bit more.

Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal? When transporting an auto, many carriers differ on the ability and price when it comes to delivering your auto to your front door versus terminal to terminal. Accessibility of your drop off location as well as price may be a deciding factor.

Auto Transport Company or Auto Broker? The benefits of working with a reliable trusted Auto Transport Broker has the “likely” benefits of experience & trusted relationships working with Transport Companies, as well as the effective ability to price shop within their trusted network of shippers. Deciding to deal directly with an auto transport company will allow you to do the footwork that a broker would normally do, such as verify licensing information, insurance information, check for customer complaints, etc., pricing, reliability, etc.

In addition to auto transport, many transport companies provide vehicle transport services for motorcycles, heavy equipment, boats and RV's. There are many auto transport companies that also specialize in classic car shipping and make it easy to get vehicle shipping quotes online in minutes.

These are some of the basics of auto transport. If you would like more information and tips on Auto Transport information, please check out our other transport resources.