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Welcome to the OldRide Classic Car & Truck Club Directory
Your opportunity to come into contact with other devoted enthusiasts who also take pleasure in the collecting, preservation and enjoyment of classic vehicles. From Antique Cars to Muscle Cars, Hot Rods to Classic Trucks, there is bound to be a Club for you.

We invite you to find the perfect Club that suites your taste and offers activities and information that fits your interest. So take the driver's wheel and explore the over 2441 clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada listed here.

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OldRide Featured Club

MT. Shasta Orphan Classic's
Redding, CA.
Club Contact: (530)222-1948

The Mt. Shasta Orphan Classic's Group was founded on April 27, 2007 by Ray Pittam and 14 other members in hopes of encouraging and promoting the preservation, collection and enjoyment of Orphan Cars (motor vehicle built by a manufacturer that has discontinued business) and the Big Three Choice Cars. While steering clear of policies that dictated larger clubs, their goal was to create lasting friendships while enjoying pastime recreation activities with family in which everybody is welcome.

There is no cost to be a member of the Mt. Shasta Orphan Classic's as they are a group and not a Club. Membership is open to anyone who preferably owns an Orphan Classic Car, however they don't discriminate. They have opened their doors to any other type of classic car ownership as well including customs, hotrods, classic trucks even motorcycles and tractors. Don't own any of these? No problem. If you have an interest in Orphan or Classic Cars and are into having good, clean fun you are more than welcome to join this group. Currently the Mt. Shasta Orphan Classics Group is a part of the larger conglomerate made up of the Redding, Anderson and Cottonwood groups. With most members belonging to a variety of Clubs creating a great melting pot of information and wisdom.

Taking advantage of living in sunny California, the MSOC has had an event every month except for one. Pretty impressive for a Group only a little over a year-and-a-half old. Members have conducted Tour Cruises, Picnic's and a successful Summer's End Event in which people from as far away as San Jose participated including members from the AMC & Mopar Gold Rush Club, Studebaker Driver's Club of America, plus many, many more. Other events and outings made by the group include:

  • Visiting the Abby Winery in Los Molinas
  • Participation in a local Car Show in Orville, California
  • Supporting the Mt. Shasta police Department D.A.R.E. Show-n-Shine
  • Klamath River History Trip along with the Southern Oregon CHVA

In addition to their many social events, this holiday season they will be collecting toys for a local charity, The Good News Mission in Redding, CA. in hopes of starting a lasting tradition among their group. Click here to learn more. The Mt. Shasta Orphan Classics Group would like to also challenge all Car Clubs/Groups to hold food and toy drives in your areas during the holiday season to help your local Food Banks and Missions.

With the summer behind us and many annual events long gone the Mt. Shasta Orphan Classic's Group small events and gatherings might just hold you through the winter. If you are interested in joining a group of car enthusiast who seek to share their passion with others, the Mt. Shasta Orphan Group is right up your alley. Members provide a friendly atmosphere were age is no restriction and good family fun is strongly encouraged.

Mt. Shasta Orphan Classic's meetings are usually held on the last weekend of the month at a designated place decided upon by members. If you are interested in learning more or attending, call 530-222-1948.

MT. Shasta Orphan Classics Redding, California