Auto Export

Auto Export is a large component of international trade, and a huge market in the automobile industry. Whether it’s a move to another country or the purchase of a new auto that has you wondering about auto export, it can be a daunting task.

There are many reputable and legitimate companies that offer auto export services. It is recommended that you request and thoroughly research and check auto export companies and make sure that they comply with all the export regulations for that country. With each country having its own set of regulations and requirements there’s a multitude of different shipping and customs regulations throughout the world generally revolving around safety and emissions, proof of ownership documentation, insurance, and an auto inspection prior to export.

A few things that you might research about an auto export broker include; references of the auto export company, including customer references, shipping company references and bank references. Also, do not hesitate to check the export dealer's references in the country you wish to ship to. A long distance call could save you thousands!

For more information on complying with auto export regulations and port procedures visit the US Customs web site at: