1980 Chevrolet Camaro
The 1980 Chevrolet Camaro began the new decade with little change.

1980 Chevrolet Camaro

The 1980 Chevrolet Camaro began the new decade with little change. As rising fuel prices and a higher price tag the Camaro saw a staggering drop in sales in 1980, from almost 283,000 in 1979 to just over 152,000 for 1980 -- despite the array of new and stronger power plants. As before, Camaro came in four versions: base, luxury-oriented Berlinetta, sporty RS, and even sportier Z28. Standard on all but the Z28 was a new 229-cubic-inch V-6 that replaced the old 250-cubic-inch inline six, both rated at the same 115 horsepower. Other new offerings included a 231-cubic-inch Buick V-6 with 110 horsepower that substituted for the 229 V-6 in California, along with a downsized V-8 of 267 cubic inches and 120 horsepower. Returning from '79 was a 305 V-8 that was revised to produce 155 horsepower, up from 130, while a stronger 350 now made 190 horsepower. The last was standard in the Z28, optional elsewhere.



1980 Chevrolet Camaro Production and Specifications

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Camaro Series 1P - Six-Cyl
P 87 2d Coupe $5,499 3,218 lbs Note 1
Camaro Series P - V-8
P 87 2d Coupe $5,679 3,346 lbs Note 1
Camaro Rally Sport Series P - Six-Cyl
P 87 2d Coupe $5,916 Not Available Note 2
Camaro Rally Sport Series P - V8
P 87 2d Coupe $6,069 Not Available Note 2
Camaro Berlinetta Series S - Six-Cyl
S 87 2d Coupe $6,662 3,253 lbs Note 3
Camaro Berlinetta Series S - V8
S 87 2d Coupe $6,442 3,381 lbs Note 3
Camaro Z28 Series P - 5.0 Liter V8
P 87 2d Coupe $7,071 Not Available Note 4
Camaro Z28 Series P - 5.7 Liter V8
P 87 2d Coupe $7,121 Not Available Note 4


Total production for the base level Camaro Sport Coupe equalled 68,174 Total production for the Camaro Rally Sport equalled 12,015 Total production for the Camaro Berlinetta equaled 26,679 - 7,077 six-cylinders and 19,602 V8s. Total production for the Camaro Z28 equaled 45,137 all of them were V8s.

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Camaro 108 in 197.6 in 61.3 in 60 in P205/75R14
Camaro Berlinetta 108 in 197.6 in 61.6 in 60.3 in P205/75R14
Camaro Z/28 108 in 197.6 in 61.3 in 60 in P225/70R15

1980 Chevrolet Camaro Engine Options

Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Bore & Stroke Carburetor
LC-3 6-229 115 175 3.74 x 3.48 2V
LD-5 + 6-231 110 190 3.80 x 3.40 2V
L-39 8-267 120 215 3.50 x 3.48 2V
LG-4 8-305 155 240 3.74 x 3.48 4V
LG-4 + 8-305 155 230 3.74 x 3.48 4V
LG-4/Z28 8-305 165 245 3.74 x 3.48 4V
LM1/Z28 8-350 190 280 4.00 x 3.48 4V
+ Sold in California Only

1980 Chevrolet Camaro Options

Code Description Price
AK1 Deluxe Seat & Shoulder Belts  
AN6 Driver Side Adjustable Seat Back $25.00
AU3 Power Door Locks $93.00
A01 Soft Tinted Glass $68.00
A02 Tinted Windshield  
A31 Power Windows $143.00
A51 Bucket Seat  
BS1 Body Insulation  
B18 Deluxe Interior  
B37 Front and Rear Floor Mats $25.00
B77 Body Side Ornamentation  
B83 Moulding  
B84 Body Side Molding $46.00
B85 Belt Reveal Molding  
B89 Reveal Molding Z28  
B93 Door Edge Molding $14.00
B94 Z28 Exterior Oranament  
B97 Z28 Wheel Spoiler  
CB7 Front Roof Cover - Soft  
CC1 Roof Panels with Removable Glass $695.00
CD4 Interminttent Windshield Wipers $41.00
C49 Rear Window Defogger $107.00
C60 Air Conditioning $566.00
E1C Speedometer Gear Adapter  
E5Z Speedometer Gear Less Adapter  
E9Z Speedometer Gear Less Key  
D35 Right and Left Mirror $46.00
D60 Non-Recommended Color Combintation  
D80 Rear Spoiler $62.00
D88 Z28 Stripes  
D92 Door Handle Decor Tape  
D98 Rally Stripe  
F41 Special Performance Front and Rear Suspension $44.00
GM8 Rear Axle Ratio 2.56  
GT4 Rear Axle Ratio 3.73  
GU2 Rear Axle Ratio 2.73  
GU4 Rear Axle Ratio 3.08  
GU6 Rear Axle Ratio 3.42  
G80 Rear Axle - Limited Slip $68.00
G92 Rear Axle - Performance $19.00
JL6 Manual Brakes  
J50 Power Brakes $81.00
K05 Engine Block Heater  
K19 Air Injection Reactor System  
K30 Crusie Master Speed Control $112.00
K77 55 Amp Alternator  
LC3 6-229 Engine  
LD5 6-231 Engine  
LG4 8-305 Engine $295.00
LM1 8-350 Engine (Z28)  
LU8 8-301 Turbo Charged Engine  
L39 8-267 Engine $180.00
MM4 4-Speed Transmission $144.00
M33 3-Speed Automatic Transmission  
M38 3-Speed Automatic Transmission - TH350 $358.00
NA5 Federal Emission System  
NA6 High Altitude Emission Control  
NB1 Closed Loop Emission Control  
NB2 Mandatory California Emission Control  
N33 Tilt Steering Column $81.00
N65 Space Saver Spare Tire  
N90 Aluminum Wheels $337.00
PE1 Custom Wheels 14 x 7 $153.00
P01 Bright Metal Wheel Covers $46.00
P06 Wheel Trim Ring  
QGR Tires - P225/70R15  
QJY Tires - P205/75R14 - Radial White Stripe $63.00
QKL Tires - P205/75R14 - Radial White Letter $81.00
TR9 Auxiliary Lighting $40.00
T63 Hadlamp Warning Buzzer  
T93 Special Tail Lamp - Z28  
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery $21.00
UM1 Radio - AM with stereo tape $249.00
UM2 Radio - AM-FM with stereo tape $272.00
UN3 Radio - AM-FM with stereo cassette $285.00
UN9 Radio - Suppression Equipment  
UP5 Radio - AM-FM mono with CB and power antenna $473.00
UP6 Radio - AM-FM with CB and power antenna $525.00
UP7 Radio Provisions - monaural  
UP8 Radio Provisions - Stereo  
UY8 Radio - AM-FM stereo with digital clock $353.00
U05 Dual Horns $10.00
U14 Special Instrumentation $120.00
U25 Luggage Compartment Lamp  
U26 Under Hood Lamp  
U27 Compartment Lamp  
U28 Ash Tray Lamp  
U29 Courtesy Lamp  
U35 Electric Clock $25.00
U58 Radio - AM-FM Stereo $192.00
U63 Radio - AM Push Button $97.00
U69 Radio - AM-FM Push Button $153.00
U75 Power Antenna $51.00
U76 Windshield Antenna $27.00
U80 Rear Seat Speaker $20.00
U83 Power Antenna  
V08 Heavy-duty Cooling $63.00
VJ9 Emission Compliance Info - California  
VK3 Front License Plate Mounting  
YF5 Emisssion Equipment Required for California $250.00
YR1 Front Seat Cushion  
ZJ7 Rally Wheels $100.00
Z21 Style Trim $78.00
Z28 Special Performance Package  
Z49 Canadian Equipment  
Z54 Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package $68.00
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