1972 Buick GSX logo
The GSX was offered as a high performance package of the GS.

1972 Buick GSX

General Motors lifted it's corporate ban of engines larger than 400 cubic inches in an intermediate body, and Buick quickly responded by adding the brand new 455 cubic inch engine into its restyled GS. The 455 boosted more displacement, bigger valves, and a hotter cam and included standard cold air induction through functional hood scoops. The 455's was rated at 350hp and a pavement pounding 510lb-ft of torque. The Stage 1 package, was even more with a hotter cam, bigger valves, and a revised carburetor. Buick rated it at 360hp, but most testers believed it was more than 400hp. After 1970, the GSX became an option that was available on any Buick Gran Sport and included a painted hood, accent striping, blacked out grille, dual hood air scoops and GSX monograms. 1972 Buick GSX 455 Stage I The Stage I package includes the same basic GS-455 engine, but it's' fitted with a modified Rochester Quadrajet quad, a distributor with more timing, a camshaft with special valve springs, direct ram air induction and standard 3.42 rear gearing. A rare and scarce Muscle Car that is definitely a top dog in the Muscle Car Market. The GSX Stage 1 is a hot car with a Rear Spoiler, Unique Stripes, Hurst Shifter, Heavy-Duty Suspension, Tach, Front Disc Brakes and a functional hood with scoops.

1972 Buick GSX Production

Only 44 total GS's were produced with the GSX option package. For more information on the Buick GSX, visit the 1970-72 Buick GSX Registry
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