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1969 Pontiac Trans Am
Each exterior on the Trans Am was Polar White with blue racing stripes

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

The 1969 Pontiac Firebird underwent major restyling to incorporate revisions similar to that of the Camaro. New changes included; New rooflines, front fender wind splints, flatter wheel openings and a new front, rear and interior, as well as a slight increase in "POWER" with the Ram Air IV, previously known as the Ram Air 400. The 400 HO option was known as either the Ram Air, Ram Air II, or simply HO. In the spring of 69' Pontiac released a little publicized option package, the Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package. Pontiac paid a $5 license fee to SCCA for each Trans Am produced and sold to campaign in the SCCA's road racing series. The package was offered as a $725 option and only 689 Firebird coupes and 8 convertibles were built.

* All Trans Ams were Polar White with blue racing stripes, rear spoiler, and decals. The exclusive hood had functional air intakes which could be closed by the driver and functional fender scoops designed to vent the engine bay. The Trans Am was on the peak of Pontiac performance and excitement!

1969 Pontiac Trans Am Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Firebird Trans Am Series 223
223 37 2dr Hardtop - 5P $3,556 Not Available 689
223 67 2dr Convertible - 5P $3,770 Not Available 8


  • 114 Trans Ams had the L-74 RAM AIR III V8 and Turbo-Hyrda-Matic
  • 520 Trans Ams had the L-74 RAM AIR V8 and synchromesh
  • All 8 Trans Am convertibles were L-74s - 4 of them were manual
  • 9 Trans Ams had the L-67 RAM AIR IV engine and Turbo-Hydra-Matic
  • 46 Trans Ams had the L-67 RAM AIR IV engine and synchromesh

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Firebird 116 in 191.1 in 63 in 64 in Not Available

VIN Decoding

First Symbol - Manufacturer
2 = Pontiac
Second & Third Symbol - Series
23 = Firebird 39 = Safari
24 = Firebird Espirit 42 = GTO
26 = Firebird Formula 400 52 = Catalina & Ventura
28 = Trans Am 56 = Executive
33 = Standard Tempest 62 = Bonneville
35 = Custom "S" 76 = Grand Prix
37 = LeMans  
Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style
27 = two-door sedan 57 = two-door hardtop
35 = station wagon two seat single action tailgate 67 = convertible
36 = station wagon two seat dual action tailgate 69 = four-door sedan
37 = two-door hardtop 87 = two-door hardtop
39 = four-door hardtop  
Sixth Symbol - Last Digit Of The Model Year
9 = 1969
Seventh Symbol - Assembly Plant
(A) Atlanta, Georgia (P) Pontiac, Michigan
(B) Baltimore, Maryland (R) Arlington, Texas
(C) Southgate, California (X) Kansas City, Kansas
(E) Linden, New Jersey (Z) Fremont, California
(G) Framingham, Massachusetts (1) Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
(L) Van Nuys, California (2) St. Therese, Quebec, Canada
(N) Norwood, Ohio  
Last Six Symbols - Production Sequence
Started at 100001

1969 Firebird Engine Options

  • 250 six rated at 175 hp.
  • 250 six rated at 215hp.
  • 350 V8 with 320 hp.
  • 400 V8 rated at 330 hp.
  • 400 V8 Ram Air Ram Air engine was rated at 335 hp. "This option added a cost of just over $600 to base cost!"
    Note: This motor was later replaced in the year by the Ram Air II 340 hp.

Transmission Codes

Transmission Location
Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Stamped on servo cover on right side of transmission.
Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case & on some models on the left side of converter housing.
Powerglide Stamped on a metal tag located on the right side of the transmission.
3-Speed Painted or stamped on the transmission case.
4-Speed Painted or stamped on the transmission case.
Plant and Type Designation Prefix Plant Transmission Type
A Cleveland Manual Powerglide
B Cleveland Turbo Hydra-Matic
C Cleveland Powerglide
CA Hydra-Matic Turbo Hydra-Matic
D Saginaw Overdrive
E McKinnon Powerglide
H Muncie 3-Speed
K McKinnon 3-Speed
L GM of Canada Turbo Hydra-Matic
M Muncie 3-Speed & Overdrive
N Muncie 4-Speed
O Saginaw Overdrive
P Warner Gear 3 & 4-Speed
P Muncie 4-Speed
R Saginaw 4-Speed
R Muncie 4-Speed
S Muncie 3-Speed
S Saginaw 3-Speed
T Toledo Powerglide
X Cleveland Turbo Hydra-Matic
Y Toledo Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint Codes - Exterior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

10 - Starlight Black
Lucite® Code - 88l
Dulux® Code - 93-005

65 - Antique Gold Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5010L
Dulux® Code - 5010D

40 - Mayfair Maize
Lucite® Code - 5036L
Dulux® Code - 5036D

67 - Burgundy Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5063LH
Dulux® Code - 5063DH

50 - Cameo Ivory
Lucite® Code - 5033L
Dulux® Code - 5033D

69 - Paladium Silver Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5032L
Dulux® Code - 5032D

51 - Liberty Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5016L
Dulux® Code - 5016D

72 -Carousel Red
Lucite® Code - 5021LM
Dulux® Code - 5021DH

52 - Matador Red
Lucite® Code - 5009LH
Dulux® Code - 5009DM

73 - Verdoro Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5066LH
Dulux® Code - 5066DH

53 - Warwick Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5015L
Dulux® Code - 5015D

76 - Goldenrod Yellow
Lucite® Code - 5026LH
Dulux® Code - 5026D

55 - Crystal Turquoise Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5014L
Dulux® Code - 5014D

86 - Claret Red Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5074LH
Dulux® Code - 5074DH
57 - Midnight Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5013L
Dulux® Code - 5013D
87 - Windward Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4962L
Dulux® Code - 4962D
59 - Limelight Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5012L
Dulux® Code - 5012D
88 - Nocturne Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5075L
Dulux® Code - 5075D

61 - Expresso Brown Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5011L
Dulux® Code - 5011D

89 - Castillian Bronze Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5076LH
Dulux® Code - 5076DH

63 - Champagne Metallic
Lucite® Code - 5064L
Dulux® Code - 5064D

NOTES: The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body color. The second letter identifies the roof color. (For example, the combination 10-50 on a Pontiac would indicate the body finished in Starlight Black and the roof area in Cameo Ivory.) General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left cross-rail in the engine compartment. Corvette paint code plate is on the instrument panel brace, below the glove compartment.

Paint Codes - Interior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

Medium Gold
Lucite® Code - 9594L (semi-gloss)

Dark Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9586LH (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9578LH (flat)

Dark Gold
Lucite® Code - 9590L (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9583L (flat)

Medium Red
Lucite® Code - 9528LH (semi-gloss)

Midnight Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9593LH (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9582LH (flat)

Dark Red
Lucite® Code - 9429LM (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 9580LM (flat)

Medium Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9585LH (semi-gloss)

Lucite® Code - 88L (semi-gloss)
Lucite® Code - 4428L (flat)

NOTE: Unpolished LUCITE® will generally produce a gloss comparable to original interior semi-gloss finishes. If lower gloss is required, use 1/2 oz. DuPont #4528S flattening compound to a pint of unreduced color.

Trunk Colors (spatter finish)

Black - Gray - Aqua 389 - 259



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