1968 Ford Mustang
A pair of 1968 Ford Mustangs

1968 Ford Mustang

The 1968 Ford Mustang used the same body style as the previous year with minor trim changes. The Mustang emblem was in the middle of the grille with no horizontal or vertical bars attached to the emblem. The air scoop on the side had a cleaner look to it due to the absence of the horizontal stripes. The 428 Cobra Jet was offered in Fords Mustang fastbacks and coupes and in Torino and Mercury Cougar and Cyclone models. Hooked up with a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission. All 1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jets had heavier-duty front shock towers. The mighty 1968 Ford 428 Cobra Jet was introduced on April 1, 1968. Rated at 335hp with actual hp around 410. Built with the 428 cid big-car engine, but produced with larger-valve heads and the race-brewed 427's intake manifold. Also optioned with ram-air induction and a functional hood scoop that was mated to a special air cleaner with a vacuum-actuated butterfly valve that funneled air directly into the 735-cfm Holley 4bbl carburetor.

1968 Ford Mustang Specifications

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Mustang Series
N/A 01 2-dr Hardtop Cpe - 4P $2,602 2,635 lbs 249,447
N/A 02 2-dr Fastback Cpe - 4P $2,712 2,659 lbs 42,325
N/A 03 2-dr Convertible - 4P $2,814 2,745 lbs 25,376
Notes: Total Series output was 317,148 units 9,009 Deluxe Hardtops 6,113 Hardtops w/ bench seats 7,661 Deluxe Fastbacks 256 Fastback w/ bench seats 853 Deluxe Hardtops w/ bench seats 3,339 Deluxe Convertibles

Body Type Identification

63A = 2+2 Fastback w/ bucket seats 65B = 2 Dr. Hardtop w/ bucket seats
63B = 2+2 Fastback w/ bucket seats 65C = 2 Dr. Hardtop w/ bench seat
63C = 2+2 Fastback w/bench seat 65D = 2 Dr. Hardtop w/ bench seat Luxury Trim
63D = 2+2 Fastback w/bench seat 76A = Convertible w/ bucket seats
65A = 2 Dr. Hardtop w/ bucket seats 76B = Convertible w/ bucket seats

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Mustang 108 in 183.6 in 70.9 in 58.5 in 58.5 in 6.95 x 14

1968 Ford Mustang Engine Options

Location Of Engine Code: Last letter in the serial number. Look toward the back of the engine block on the right hand side, above the starter. You will find the casting number at this location.
Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission Carburetor
T 6-200 120 190 Cruise-O-Matic 1 BC
C 8-289 200 288 Cruise-O-Matic 2 BC
J 8-302 235 310 Not Available 4 BC
X 8-390 280 390 Not Available 2 BC
S 8-390 335 427 Not Available 4 BC
W 8-427 390 460 Cruise-O-Matic 4 BC
R 8-428 425 480 Not Available 2- 4 BC

1968 Ford Mustang Options

Description Price Description Price
200-hp V-8 $105.53 Convenience Group $32.44
235-hp V-8 $171.77 Fingertip Speed Control (V-8 & SelectShift required) $78.83
335-hp V-8 $263.71 Remote Control Left Door Mirror $9.58
390-hp V-8 $622.00 Select-Aire Conditioner $360.30
425-hp V-8 $434.00 Push Button AM Radio $61.40
SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-Spd Auto w/ six-cylinder $191.12 AM/FM Stereo Radio $181.39
SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-Spd Auto w/ 289-cid V-8 $200.85 Stereo-Sonic Tape System (AM radio required) $133.86
SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-Spd Auto w/ 390-cid V-8 $233.17 Sport Deck Rear Seat (2+2 only) $64.77
4-Spd Manual w/ 289-cid V-8 $184.90 Full Width Front Seat $32.44
4-Spd Manual w/ 390-cid V-8 $233.18 Tilt-Away Steering Wheel $66.14
Power Front Disc Brakes $64.77 Center Console $53.71
Power Steering $84.47 Interior Decor Group (convertible & models w/ full-width front seat) $123.86
Power Top (convertible) $52.95 Interior Decor Group (all other models w/o full width front seats) $110.16
GT Equipment Group (V-8s only) $146.71 Two-Tone Hood Paint $19.48
Tachometer (V-8s only) $54.45 Accent Paint Stripe $13.90
Limited-Slip Differential (V-8s only) $41.60 Vinyl Roof $74.36
Glass Backlight (convertible) $38.86 Wheel Covers $21.34
Tinted Glass $30.25 Delux Wheel Covers $34.33
Wide-Oval Tires $78.53 Whitewall Tires $33.31
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