Design on the 1965 GMC pickups remained the same since 1964.

1965 GMC 1500

Design remained the same from previous years on the ’65 GMC although a new van was introduced, the 90 in. wheelbase Handi-Bus. Of the models available, there was a choice of five different boxes offered in 6, 8 or 9 foot sizes. However, the 9-foot box was only available on the 2500 series.   Also available was a chrome grille and bumper which came with the "Custom" cab trucks. Otherwise grille's were painted Ivory on all trucks except those that were white, in which case the grille was white as well.The '65 GMC could be distinguished by the lettering on the grille which is displayed as an oval-shaped G and C. By 1966 the change was made to more square shaped letters with a red stripe.  


1965 GMC 1500 Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
I1500 - 3/4 Ton - 127 in. wheelbase
I1502 - Chassis & Cab $2,075 3,330 lbs see note
I1502 - Wide-Side Pickup $2,210 3,810 lbs see note
I1502 - Fender-Side Pickup $2,189 3,770 lbs see note
I1502 - Stake Rack $2,280 3,965 lbs see note
1500 - 3/4 Ton - 127 in. wheelbase
1502 - Chassis & Cab $2,193 3,760 lbs see note
1502 - Wide-Side Pickup $2,328 4,240 lbs see note
1502 - Fender-Side Pickup $2,307 4,200 lbs see note
1502 - Stake Rack $2,398 4,395 lbs see note
PB1500 - 3/4 Ton - 104-137 in. wheelbase
PB1502 - Package Van $3,238 5,050 lbs see note

1965 GMC Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are located on a plate mounted on left cab door hinge pillar. Building date codes are located on crankcase boss at rear of distributor.  
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