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1964 Chevrolet Bel Air
The Impala was separated into its own model making it the second most expensive Chevrolet for 1964.

1964 Chevrolet Bel Air

The big "Jet Smooth" Chevrolet Impala, Bel air and Biscayne returned for 1964 stronger than ever with the new squared-up styling. With much popularity the full-sized Chevy line-up was known for its glamour and comfort all the way down to its performance. The Bel Air remained the mid-line offering topped by the Impala, with the affordable Biscayne priced just below the Bel Air. Production continued to soar.

For the 425-hp 409 added were the Twin 4 barrel carburetors. Impact-extruded pistons. Forged steel connecting rods and five-main-bearing crankshaft. Cast alloy iron camshaft. And two heads fitted with lightweight valves. Mechanical valve lifters. Dual exhausts, special clutch, and heavy-duty radiator and suspension, among others.

For the tamer 340-hp and 400-hp 409's, tamer bits and pieces were used. You could tuck a 425-hp Turbo-Fire 409 V8 into any 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala or Impala Super Sport. And choose low gear ratios of 2.56:1 or 2:20:1 with the 4-Speed all synchro shift. With the 2.20:1 gear ratio you can get 4.11:1 or 4.56:1 Positraction High Performance axle ratios

Production of the 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air included 318,100 produced. (rounded to the nearest hundred)


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Tires
Chevrolet 119 in 209.9 in 79.6 in 7.00 x 14
Chevrolet Station Wagon 119 in 210.8 in 79.6 in 8.00 x 14

VIN Number Decoding

Serial Numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar (center pillar on Corvair). The Fisher Body number plate on the right-hand side of the cowl gives additional information such as the body style number, the production sequence number, the trim (upholstery) number code and the paint number code.
First Symbol - Year
4 = 1964
Second & Third Symbol - Series
01 = Chevy II (4-cyl) 14 = Impala SS (V-8)
02 = Chevy II 15 = Bel Air 1500 Series (6-cyl)
04 = Chevy II Nova Super Sport 16 = Bel Air 1600 Series (V-8)
05 = Corvair 500 Series (6-cyl) 17 = Impala 1700 Series (6-cyl)
06 = Corvair 600 Monza Spyder (6-cyl) 18 = Impala 1800 Series (V-8)
07 = Corvair Deluxe 700 Series (6-cyl) 53 = Chevelle & Std. El Camino (6-cyl)
08 = Corvette 54 = Chevelle & Std. El Camino (V-8)
09 = Corvair Monza 900 Series (6-cyl) 55 = Chevelle Malibu & Custom El Camino (6-cyl)
11 = Biscayne 1100 Series (6-cyl) 56 = Chevelle Malibu & Custom El Camino (V-8)
12 = Biscayne 1200 Series (V-8) 57 = Chevelle Malibu SS (6-cyl)
13 = Impala SS (6-cyl) 58 = Chevelle Malibu SS (V-8)
Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style
11 = 2dr Sedan 41 = 2dr Sedan
15 = 2 dr Station Wagon (6P) 45 = 4dr Station Wagon (9P)
19 = 4dr Sedan 47 = 2dr Sport Coupe
27 = Club Coupe 49 = 4dr Sedan
35 = 4dr Station Wagon (6P) 67 = 2dr Convertible
37 = 2dr Hardtop or Sport Coupe 69 = 4dr Sedan
39 = 4dr Hardtop or Sport Sedan 70 = Sedan Delivery
Sixth Symbol - Assembly Plant
(A) Atlanta, Georgia (N) Norwood, Ohio
(B) Baltimore, Maryland (O) Oakland, California
(F) Flint, Michigan (R) Arlington, Texas
(G) Framingham, Massachusetts (S) St. Louis, Missouri
(H) Fremont, California (T) Tarrytown, New York
(J) Janesville, Wisconsin (U) Southgate, California
(K) Kansas City, Missouri (W) Willow Run, Michigan
(L) Los Angeles, California (Y) Wilmington, Delaware
Last Six Symbols - Production Sequence
Started at 100001

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Options and Accessories

Description Description
Deluxe Air Conditioning w/ Heater Super Sport Equipment Package
Cool Pack Air Conditioning Tachometer (V8s only)
Driver's Seat Belt Wheel Discs
Pair of Front Seat Belts Wire Wheel Discs
Heavy-Duty Brakes w/ Metallic Facings Two-Speed Electric Washers & Wipers
Comfort & Convenience Group Tilt Steering Wheel
Tinted Windows (all) Turbo Fire 327-cid/250-hp
Tinted Windshield Turbo Fire 327-cid/300-hp
Grille Guard Turbo Fire 327-cid/340-hp
Rear Bumper Guard Turbo Fire 409-cid/400-hp
Padded Dash Turbo Fire 409-cid/425-hp
Station Wagon Luggage Locker Overdrive Transmission
Station Wagon Luggage Carrier Powerglide Transmission
Two-Tone Paint Close Ratio 4-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Brakes 4-Speed Manual Transmission
Six-Way Power Seat Positraction Rear Axle
Power Steering Delcotron 42-amp Generator
Manual Radio Heavy-Duty Radiator
Push-Button Radio Heavy-Duty Battery
Push-Button Radio w/ Antenna & Rear Speaker Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan (six-cyl.)
Vinyl Roof (Impala Super Sport) Delcotron 52-amp Generator
Station Wagon Divided Second Seat Delcotron 62-amp Generator
Deluxe Steering Wheel  

Options & Accessories


Front Grille & Rear Bumper Guards for Chevy II
Front Grille Guard - Mounts to the top edge of the front bumper, adding greater protection to the front of the car.

Rear Bumper Guards - A pair of upright guards that attach to the rear bumper face bar, adding protection.



Luggage Carriers
A permanently attached roof carrier that adds more usable space. Also available, a 4 stanchion custom rack for Chevrolet and Chevy II Station Wagons.

Available on all Chevrolet, Chevelle and Chevy II Station Wagons.


Chevy II Deluxe Factory Air Conditioner
The Chevy II Deluxe AC removes up to one and one quarter gallons of moisture from the air per hour and has a cooling capacity of 2800 lbs of ice per day. Available as a factory or dealer installed option.


Chevelle Custom Factory Air Conditioner
Circulates cool air throughout the car. Removes up to one and one quarter gallons of moisture from the air per hour and has a cooling capacity of 2800 lbs of ice per day. Available as a factory or dealer installed option.
Corvair Deluxe Factory Air Conditioner
Can be installed on sedans, convertibles and coupes and can be used in conjunction with factory heater. Uses the 6-cyl. compressor. Available as a factory or dealer installed option.

Deluxe "Four Season" Air Conditioner
The climate control system provides cool temperatures to warm depending on the preference. Cooling components function as the air moves through the evaporator. For Chevrolet and Chevelle, available as a factory option only.

AM-FM Push Button Radio
A 9 transistor radio with 9 diodes including printed circuit boards, full size 6 x 9 inch 10 ohm speakers and a choice between front or rear antenna.

Available on all Chevrolet models

Back-Up Lamps
Designed to cas a wide beam of light to the rear of the car for increased safety when backing into dark areas.

Available on all models of Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II, and Corvair

Hand Portable Spotlamp
A handy trouble lamp that can be used in any 12 volt cigarette lighter. Complete with a 12 foot cord.

Bumper Guards
Heavy guage steel guards with chrome plating. The upright guards are attached to the front and rear bumpers to add greater protection to lamps, grille and other sheet metal.

Available on Chevrolet, Chevelle, and Corvair


Chevrolet Custom Factory Air Conditioner
Circulates cool air throughout the car and removes one and a quarter gallons of moisture from the air per hour and has a cooling capacity of 2800 lbs of ice per day. Available as a factory or dealer installed option.


Hood and Trunk Lid Mouldings
The mouldings are anodized aluminum and are identical to production mouldings used on the Impala models. Can be easliy installed on the Bel Air and Biscayne models.


Deluxe Floor Mats
All rubber mats are made from all new tire grade rubber and will remain plyable and new looking over a long period of time. Made to match all interiors.

Litter Container
A heavy-duty plastic litter container designed with a saddle mounting to fit over the tunnel in the front or rear seat of Chevrolet's, Chevelle's, Chevy II's and Corvairs. Colors available are black, red, blue and fawn.

Custom Manual Radio
Includes 6 transistors, 3 diodes, printed circuit boards, direct coupled audio system with a 6 x 9 inch high fidelity speaker. Your choice of front or rear antenna.

Available for all Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvairs.

Chevrolet Mirrors
Outside rearview mirror - surfaced with chrome plated glass that will not fog, discolor or scale. Can be set to any position by remote control from inside the car. Rearview mirror - wide angle mirror that can be changed from clear to non-glare for night driving. Available in Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvair.

Deluxe Push Button Radio
A radio with 6 transistors and 3 diodes including printed circuit boards and the latest cicuitry advancements to assure best performance and trouble free service. Your choice of rear or front antenna. Available for all Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvairs.

Rear Seat Speakers
Matched to the front speaker to simulated the HI-FI effect. Switch can be adjusted so either the front or rear speaker can be played or both simultaneously. Rear speakers can be installed with AM-FM push button and manual radios. Available for all Chevrolet passenger cars, station wagons, and convertibles, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvair (except convertible).

Chevrolet Seat Belts
Made from 100% nylon webbing, Chevrolet belts meet all Federal & State test ans specifications. Available for front or rear seats on Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvair.

Speed and Cruise Control
From the cruise position, you can remove your foot from the pedal to relieve driving tension. Available for 6 and 8 cylinder Chevrolets only, except 8 cylinder high performance engine.

Rear Window Defroster
A large blower draws the air to help reduce fog, ice and snow from the window. Will improve air circulation in rear of the car. Available on Chevrolet, Chevelle and Chevy II.
Trailer Hitch
Designed to give stable installation on each of the vaious vehicles. Ideal for hauling light utility or boat trailers. Chevrolet, Chevelle, and Chevy II are designed to handle up to 2000 lbs with a vertical tongue load of 150 lbs. The Corvair will haul up to 1000 lbs. with a vertical tongue of 100 lbs.

Wheel Covers
A high grade stainless steel finished with chrome flash that will retain a bright finish that is guaranteed to add to the appearance of any car.

Wire Wheel Covers
Simulated wire wheel covers that are difficult to identify from real wire wheels. The covers include a deluxe type knock off spinner.

Available for all Chevrolet's, Chevelle's, Chevy II's and Corvairs.

Windshield Washers
An electrically driven water pump assures a good steady stream of water on the windshield glass. 2-speed wipers and washers are available as a factory option.

Available for all Chevrolet's, Chevelle's, Chevy II's and Corvairs.

Electric Clocks
Precision, reliable time pieces illuminated with dial lamps that can be dimmed with the other instrument panel lights.

Available for Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvairs.


1964 Chevrolet Engine Codes

Letter Code Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission Carburetor
A 6-230 140 220 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
AE 6-230 140 220 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
AF 6-230 140 220 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
AG 6-230 140 220 3-Speed Manual 1 BC
B 6-230 140 220 Powerglide 1 BC
BQ 6-230 140 220 Powerglide 1 BC
C 8-283 195 285 3-Speed Manual 2 BC
CB (p) 8-283 195 285 Powerglide 2 BC
D 8-283 195 285 Powerglide 2 BC
QA 8-409 400 + 425 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
QB 8-409 425 425 4-Speed Manual 2 - 4 BC
QC 8-409 340 420 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
QG 8-409 340 420 Powerglide 4 BC
QN 8-409 400 + 425 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
QP 8-409 425 425 4-Speed Manual 2 - 4 BC
QQ 8-409 340 420 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
QR 8-409 340 420 Powerglide 4 BC
R 8-327 250 350 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
RB 8-327 300 + 360 3 & 4-Speed Manual 4 BC
S 8-327 250 350 Powerglide 4 BC
SB 8-327 300 + 360 Powerglide 4 BC
XE (s) 8-327 Not Available Not Available Not Available 4 BC

Transmission Codes

Transmission Location
3-Speed Manual Stamped on rear face of upper right corner
4-Speed (Corvair) Stamped on boss on lower left side of case just below side cover.
Powerglide (Corvair) On top of the case in the rear at 11 o'clock.
Powerglide Stamped on the bottom of oil pan
Plant and Type Designation Prefix Plant Transmission Type
W Warner Gear 3-Speed
S Saginaw 3-Speed
M Muncie 3-Speed, Overdrive*
C Cleveland Powerglide
T Toledo Powerglide
D Saginaw Overdrive
K McKinnon 3-Speed
E McKinnon Powerglide
O Saginaw Overdrive
A Cleveland 2-Speed, Manual Powerglide
*Overdrive distinguished from 3-Speed by physical appearance only. The above transmissions (exc. Warner Gear) will carry a production code number such as: C1116N (C = Cleveland Powerglide, 11 = November, 16 = 16th, N = Night Shift). The Warner Gear transmissions will carry a production code number such as: WG1031 (W = Warner Gear 4-Spd., G = July, 10 = 10th, 7 = 1967, 1 = First Shift).

Axle Codes

Location Of Axle Codes: The axles for Chevrolet will be built by Chevrolet Buffalo, Chevrolet Gear and Axle, Buick, Oldsmobile, and McKinnon. Divisional Manufacturer code letters will be metal stamped on the axle tube adjacent to the carrier for identification. Metal stamp on left rear axle tube on the rear side, letters and numerals 3/16 in. high, 3 in. outboard of carrier.
Codes - Non-Locking Codes - Locking Ratio Inspection Cover
AA, BA AK, BK 3.55 (std. lining) 12 Bolt
AB, BB AM, BM 3.36 (std. lining) 10 Bolt
AC, BC AH 3.70 (std. lining) -
AE AN 3.55 (metal lining) 12 Bolt
AF AP 3.70 (metal lining) -
AG AQ 3.36 (metal lining) 10 Bolt
AJ AR 3.08 (metal lining) 10 Bolt
  AL 4.11 (std. lining) -
  AS 4.56 (std. lining 12 Bolt
  AT 4.11 (metal lining) -
  AU 4.56 (metal lining) 12 Bolt
AW, BW AX, BX 3.08 (std. lining) 10 Bolt

Paint Codes - Exterior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

900 - Tuxedo Black
Lucite® Code - 88
Dulux® Code - 93-005

922 - Ember Red
Lucite® Code - 4387LH
Dulux® Code - 93-95896H

905 - Meadow Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4532L
Dulux® Code - 181-96882

923 - Riverside Red
Lucite® Code - 2931LH
Dulux® Code - 93-93037H

908 - Bahama Green Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4534L
Dulux® Code - 181-96904

932 - Saddle Tan Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4392L
Dulux® Code - 181-96217

912 - Silver Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4250L
Dulux® Code - 181-95180

936 - Ermine White
Lucite® Code - 4024L
Dulux® Code - 93-93774

916 - Daytona Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4395L
Dulux® Code - 181-96220

938 - Desert Beige
Lucite® Code - 4526L
Dulux® Code - 93-96809

918 - Azure Aqua Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4253L
Dulux® Code - 181-95183

940 - Satin Silver Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4247L
Dulux® Code - 181-95176

919 - Lagoon Aqua Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4529L
Dulux® Code - 181-96812

943 - Goldwood
Lucite® Code - 4530LH
Dulux® Code - 93-96863

920 - Almond Fawn Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4527L
Dulux® Code - 181-96810

948 - Palomar Red Metallic #2
Lucite® Code - 4600LM
Dulux® Code -
Two-Tone Paint Codes
Paint Code Color Name Lucite® Code Paint Code Color Name Lucite® Code
952 (Upper) Bahama Green Metallic (908)
(Lower) Meadow Green Metallic (905)
975 (Upper) Desert Beige (938)
(Lower) Ember Red (922)
954 (Upper) Ermine White (936)
(Lower) Meadow Green Metallic (905)
982 (Upper) Daytona Blue Metallic (916)
(Lower) Satin Silver Metallic (940)
959 (Upper) Ermine White (936)
(Lower) Silver Blue Metallic (912)
988 (Upper) Azure Aqua Metallic (918)
(Lower) Ermine White (936)
960 (Upper) Daytona Blue Metallic (916)
(Lower) Silver Blue Metallic (912)
993 (Upper) Desert Beige (938)
(Lower) Palomar Red Metallic (948)
965 (Upper) Ermine White (936)
(Lower) Lagoon Aqua Metallic (919)
995 (Upper) Satin Silver Metallic (940)
(Lower) Palomar Red Metallic (948)
971 (Upper) Desert Beige (938)
(Lower) Saddle Tan Metallic (932)
NOTES: General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left rear wheel housing. Corvette paint code plate is under the dash, below the glove compartment.

Paint Codes - Interior Colors

Color Name / Code Color Image Color Name / Code Color Image

Lucite® Code - 4024L (semi-gloss)

Dark Aqua Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4429L (flat)

Medium Fawn Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4527L (semi-gloss)

Medium Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9006L (semi-gloss)

Medium Saddle Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9015L (semi-gloss)

Dark Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 96221 (semi-gloss)

Medium Fawn
Lucite® Code - 4583L (flat)

Dark Blue Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4430L (flat)

Dark Saddle
Lucite® Code - 4436L (flat)

Medium Red
Lucite® Code - 9016LH (semi-gloss)

Medium Olive Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4532LH (semi-gloss)

Dark Red
Lucite® Code - 4438LH (flat)

Dark Olive Metallic
Lucite® Code - 4584LH (flat)

Lucite® Code - 88 (semi-gloss)

Medium Aqua Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9005L (semi-gloss)

Lucite® Code - 4428L (flat)

Dark Aqua Metallic
Lucite® Code - 9012LH (semi-gloss)


NOTE: Unrubbed LUCITE® will generally produce a gloss comparable to original unrubbed interior semi-gloss finishes. If lower gloss is required, use DuPont #4528 flattening compound to reduce gloss.


Trunk Color (spatter finish)

Gray 389-195

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