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1963 Oldsmobile Super 88

1963 Oldsmobile Super 88

While the drivetrain remained the same from 1962, the 1963 Oldsmobile received new styling. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Safety-Padded Instrument Panel, Full Floor Carpeting, Foam-padded Front Seat, Electric Windshield Wipers, Oil Filter.

Chassis Data

Brakes, self-adjusting; 191.7 square inches lining area· Frame, Guard-Beam with torque-box construction· Front Suspension, coil spring; Pivot-Poise with counter dive· Rear Suspension, coil spring; 4-Link Twin-Triangle Stability· Turning Diameter, 42.8 feet· Rear axle, 2.56-to-1 ratio (1963 Hydra-Matic); semi-floating; hypoid gears.

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Width Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Super 88 123 in 214.4 in 77.9 in 62.2 in 61 in 8.00 x 14

1963 Oldsmobile Engine Options

Standard on Starfire models and Ninety-Eight Custom Sports Coupe! Fire-Swirl combustion chamber, power-peak camshaft, 10.5-to1 comp, ratio, 345 h.p., 440lb.-ft. torque, 394-cubic-inch displacement.
High-compression 280hp V8- standard on Dynamic 88, 430lb. ft. torque, 10.25-to-1 compression ratio, 2-barrel carburetor, 394 cu. in. displacement, operates on premium fuel. Regular-gas 260-hp. Rocket optional at no extra cost on all Dynamic 88's. 
Standard on Jetfire only... Turbocharged, fluid-injected. Aluminum V-8 construction, 10.25-to-1 compression ratio, 215hp, 215 cubic inch displacement, 300lb. ft. torque. Operates on premium gasoline.
Standard on F-85. 155hp, 8.75-to-1 compression ratio, 215cu. in. displacement. Cutlass 195 engine standard Hydra-Matic-equipped Cutlass, optional on other F-85's equipped with Hydra-Matic. Cutlass 185 standard on Cutlass, optional on other F-85's equipped with synchromesh transmission.
Standard on Ninety-Eight and Super 88. 330 hp 394 cu. displacement, 440lb ft. of torque, 10.25-to-1 compression ratio, 4-barrel carburetor. Optional on Dynamic 88 models.

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