The Wildcat Sport Cupe was part of the Invicta line for 1962.

1962 Buick Wildcat

Buick's quest for power first came in the 1962 Buick Wildcat that is still debated as Buick's first performance car, while others argue it's more a luxury sports coupe than performance. Nevertheless, it began Buick's quest for power and even lended its name to several Buick engines of the mid sixties. The Buick Wildcat first appeared as part of the Invicta line, and included custom equipment such as front all-vinyl bucket seats, deluxe steering wheel, a console, tachometer, and a rear floor lamp. To improve the suspension and handling of the Wildcat Buick engineers made adjustments consisting of a frame that carried boxed cross-members with heavy side rails, coil springs on all four corners, and oversized 10 inch drum brakes. The Wildcat weighed in at about 4,150 pounds. Standard power was the Buick LT401 cid V8, rated at a strong 325 bhp. Although this engine was also available in the regular Invicta line, the Wildcat came with a standard 3.42:1 rear end. A 4.45:1 rear end was optional for those wanting even more performance. Original cost for the '62 Wildcat was said to be just under $4000.00, with about 2000 being produced as an option on the Invicta line.

1962 Buick Wildcat Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
Invicta Series
4600 4647 2-dr Hardtop Coupe - 6P $3,927 4,150 lbs 13,471*
*Production totals shared with the Invicta 2 door hardtop

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Invicta 123 in. 214.1 in. 56 in. 56 in. 7.60 x 15

1962 Buick VIN Numbers

Serial numbers are located on the drivers side hinge pillar post, above the instrument panel and stamped on top left side of the engine block.
First Symbol - Series
A - 4000 - Special 6 cylinder 0 - 4000 - Special V8
B - 4100 - Special Deluxe 6 cylinder 1 - 4100 - Special Deluxe V8
C - 4300 - Skylark 6 cylinder 3 - 4300 - Skylark V8
4 - 4400 - LeSabre 7 - 4700 - Electra
6 - 4600 - Invicta 8 - 4800 - Electra 225
Second Symbol - Model Year
2 - 1962
Third Symbol - Assembly Plant
1 - Flint, MI. 6 - Atlanta, GA.
2 - Southgate, CA. 8 - Arlington, TX.
3 - Linden, NJ.  
4 - Kansas City, KS.  
5 - Wilmington, DE.  
Last Six Digits - Production Number
Sequential assembly number at that plant with series mixed in production.
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