1959 Chevrolet Apache
1959 Chevrolet Apache

1959 Chevrolet Apache

The Chevrolet light-duty Apaches offered a new appearance for 1959 including new interiors and 5 different exterior colors to choose from.  The featured a husky parallel-design frame, tubeless tires, dual headlamps, high-level interior ventilation, and options and accessories for your every need.  

1959 Chevrolet Truck Features

Easy Ball-Gear steering, standard in all models. High capacity front axles with capacity ranging from 2,200 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. available in Series 30 axles with capacities of 4,000 lbs. to as high as 9,000 lbs. available in medium and heavy duty trucks. Might Triple-Torque Tandems in Series 80 and 100; Three speed auxiliary transmission combines with axle power divider to give wide choice of gear ratios with single or dual axle drive. Series 80: G.V.W up to 28,000 lbs.; G.C.W. up to 45,000 lbs. Series 100: B.V.W. up to 36,000 lbs.; G.C.W. up to 50,000 lbs. Big Brakes for every model: Torque Action brakes (light duty) Durable Twin Action brakes (medium and heavy duty) with two cylinders to actuate brake shoes smoothly and efficiently. Hydrovac brakes are standard in Series 50 through 100 models. Rugged Air Hydraulic brakes are optional at extra cost in Series 50 through 100 and extra large Full Air brakes are optional in Series 70, 80, 90 and 100 models. Cast spoke or disc wheels

Extra Durable Drive Line

Long-lasting diaphragm spring clutch provided with Thriftmaster 6 engine. High capacity coil spring clutches provided with Jobmaster 6 and the V8 engines. 11 inch coil spring clutch is standard in Series 50 60 70 and 80 with Jobmaster 6 or HD Taskmaster V8. 13 inch coil spring clutch is standard in Series 90 and 100. Wide choice of transmissions - Synchro-Mesh - Selection ranges from standard 3 speed and Hydra-Matic transmissions in light duty models to Spicer 5 speed and 6 speed Powermatic transmissions in heavier trucks. Rugged Rear Axles rated up to 7,200 lbs. in light duty models

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