1959 Buick Electra
Sweeping fins from front to rear on the 1959 Buick Electra

1959 Buick Electra

In 1959 Buick built the most radical and wildest Buick yet. With fins that swept from the front to the rear, and a grill made of rectangular squares, the 59' Buick was created with all new design! The Electra was even higher on the line for 59', and in addition to the trim distinguished by Lesabre and Invicta -The Electra was trimmed in bright rocker moldings, wheel house moldings and an Electra script on the front fenders. Standard features in addition to Lesabre and Invicta, included; power steering and brakes, 2-speed electric wipers, a safety padded dash and dual exhaust. The Electra 225 was the top of the line, and even more distinguished with extra wide moldings and a massive Electra emblem on the front fenders. Standard features in addition to the above models included; power windows, safety group, super deluxe wheelcovers, outside rearview mirror and plusher interiors(including leather on the convertibles!).

Electra Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
4700 19 4 dr Sedan - 6P $3,856 4,557 lbs 12,357
4700 39 4 dr Hardtop - 6P $3,963 4,573 lbs 20,612
4700 37 2 dr Convertible Coupe - 6P $3,818 4,465 lbs 11,216

Electra 225 Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
4800 29 4 dr Sedan - 6P $4,300 4,632 lbs 6,324
4800 39 4 dr Hardtop - 6P $4,300 4,641 lbs 10,491
4800 67 2 dr Convertible Coupe - 6P $4,192 4,562 lbs 5,493
Electra Standard Equipment: Easy Power Steering; Power Brakes; Wide-sweep Electric Windshield Wipers with Integrated Windshield Washer; Dual Exhaust; plus LeSabre and Invicta standard equipment. Electra 225 Standard Equipment: Power Front and Rear Windows on Convertible; Back-Up Lights; Glare Proof Mirror; Outside Rear View Mirror; Parking Brake Signal Light; Safety Buzzer; Map Light; Super Deluxe Wheel Covers; plus LeSabre, Invicta and Electra standard equipment. Twin Turbine Transmission - Standard on Invicta and Electra. Torque converter . Fully automatic. Two turbines. Variable pitch stator and fixed vane stator. Maximum torque ratio at stall 3.5 at 3300 rpm. Total oil capacity (refill) 24 pints. Triple Turbine - Optional at extra cost on all models. Fully automatic. Three turbines. Infinite pitch stator. Total oil capacity, 25 pints. Buick Valve-In-Head Wildcat 445 Engine - Standard Invicta and Electra-325 horsepower, compression ratio 10.5 to 1. Bore and stroke 4.1875 x 3.640. Displacement 401 cubic inches. Four Bbl. downdraft carburetor. Dual exhaust and four-reverse flow muffler. Maximum torque, 445 ft.-lbs. at 2800 rpm. Full-pressure lubrication to main, connecting rod and camshaft bearings. Full-flow oil filter . Electra Wheelbase - 126.3 inches on all models. Front tread, 62 inches. Rear tread 60 inches. Over-all car length, Electra, 220.6 inches; Electra 225, 225.4 inches; convertible 220.6 inches. Fuel System - Built-in carburetor de-icer. Automatic choke and idle control. lntake silencer and aluminum element air cleaner on Wildcat; oil-wetted cleaner on Wildcat 445. Fuel tank capacity, 20 gallons. Anti-rust fuel line. Automatic intake manifold heat control. Cooling System - Thermostatic and by-pass temperature control. Pressure relief valve in filler cap. Water capacity, 16.5 quarts,19.0 quarts with heater. Rear Axle - Buick Torque-Tube Drive, semi-floating rear axle with hypoid gears. Gear ratio: LeSabre, 3.07 to 1 with Twin Turbine, 3.23 to 1 with Twin Turbine and Power Pack; 3.23 to 1 Invicta and Electra; 2.78 to. 1 all models with Triple Turbine. Suspension - Ball-joint front suspension. Coil springs, front and rear. Track bar, tubular steel bar mounted in rubber. Buick Air Ride optional. Steering - Ball bearing worm and nut; 28.8 to 1 over-all ratio. New Easy Power Steering optional. Frame-Boxed side rails with "K" type crossmember. Shock Absorbers - Double-acting directtype, front and rear. Brakes - Four-wheel hydraulic. Air-cooled aluminum brake drums, front-fin cast iron brake drums, rear, 12.015 diameter,front and rear. StepOn Parking Brake. Electrical System - 12 volt-70 amp. Delco-Remy. Solenoid starter. Battery mounted under hood. Dual headlights. Wheels and Tires - Full size 15. wheels. Tubeless Rayon Cord Tires. Broad rim, demountable steel disc wheels; LeSabre and Invicta, 15 x 5; Electra, 15 x 6. Tire Size; LeSabre and Invicta, 7.60 x 15, 4-ply. 8.00 x 15, 4-ply optional on Invicta. 8.00 x 15, 4-ply standard on Electra. Some of the other rare and neat options for the 59' Buick consisted of: Wonderbar signal-seeking radio Transistor portable radio Sonomatic radio Electric Antenna Speed control safety buzzer E-Z eye glass windshield Power windows and vents Map light Rear seat speaker Autotronic eye
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