1957 Chevrolet 150
The 150 4-door sedan with glamorous new styling

1957 Chevrolet 150

The ’57 Chevy is one of the most recognized icons in the Automotive industry. Stylish and Sporty the there’s no doubt that it’s one of America’s best and most loved cars. The 1957 Chevrolet a few different trim levels; the base-model "150" series, the mid-range "210" series, and the upscale Bel Air series. An upscale trim option called the "Del Ray" was also available for 210 2-door sedans, and there was a limited production two-door station wagon called the "Nomad" and also even scarcer was the "El Morocco", a custom hand-built series that mimicked the Cadillac. Under the hood Chevrolet had achieved an engineering milestone, Ed Cole worked magic developing Chevy’s small-block V8 engine. The original edition was enlarged to 283 cu, with several optional power packages available, pushing it up to 283 hp. The Super Turbo-Fire 283, a $550 option, produced the advertised 283 horsepower with the help of Ramjet continuous-flow fuel injection. On the outside the Bel Air was distinguished with more chrome and featured a golden grille set off with a heavy chrome bar that included parking lights. The rear fins were capped with chrome moldings and highlighted with anodized aluminum side trim panels. The fuel-filler door was concealed in the left rear chrome fin trim, a small but convenient detail that helped clean up exterior lines. The 1955-57 Chevrolets remain a favorite with hot-rodders and classic car enthusiasts.

1957 Chevrolet 150 Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
150 Series - 6-cyl
1503 1219 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,048 3,241 lbs 52,266*
1502 1211 2 dr Sedan - 6P $1,996 3,216 lbs 70,774*
1512 1211B 2 dr Sedan - 3P $1,885 3,168 lbs 8,300*
1519 1263F 2 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,307 3,411 lbs 14,740*
150 Series - V8
1503 1219 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,148 3,232 lbs 52,266*
1502 1211 2 dr Sedan - 6P $2,096 3,207 lbs 70,774*
1512 1211B 2 dr Sedan - 3P $1,985 3,159 lbs 8,300*
1519 1263F 2 dr Station Wagon - 6P $2,407 3,402 lbs 14,740*
* Total production includes both 6-cylinder and V8 combined  
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