1956 Chevrolet El Morocco
The El Morocco was converted from Chevrolet models to give the consumers the luxury of having a Cadillac without the price tag.

1956 Chevrolet El Morocco

Two aspiring auto makers – Rueben Allender and Cyril Olbrich – decided to produce a vehicle that was fit for Cadillac lovers by modifying 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets.  Their goal was to offer a luxurious but lower priced custom vehicle.  The two bought new Chevrolet convertibles for $50 over dealer cost then they converted about 20-27 into rough estimation of a Cadillac Eldorado, thus the first version of the El Morocco.  1956 El Morocco’s sold for $3,250 each which included two door hardtops, four door hardtops, and convertibles.  In 1957 only 10 El Morocco’s were produced before Allender and Olbrich had a falling out over financing and work conditions.  Some of the modifications included 1955 Dodge tail lamps, modified Chevy hood ornament, bumper bullets made up of old Dodge headlight shells turned backward, and Willys fin moldings.   The ’57 grille was made of stainless steel, tail light lenses came from a ’56 Plymouth and rear bumper bullets were made up from ’54 Mercury’s.  Somewhere between 20 to 37 El Morocco’s are known to have been produced with a few of those left in existence.  Needless to say these vehicles are rare if not almost extinct and highly desirable among collector car enthusiasts.
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