A Rusty 1957 Chevy

This Rusty 1957 Chevy 2dr hardtop was found near Paragould, Arkansas on the side of a gravel road about 3 feet away from the edge. In the summer you could not see it for the vines. It was purchased and now resides in another field in Arkansas.

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Jun 12, 2014

I'd turn it to a couch. To many at th shows

Jun 30, 2010

Too bad this car is so rough. It would be awsome restored!

Apr 25, 2010

is this the stripped down model

Mar 6, 2010

i don't no if its fire because you can see a little fabric on the top of the seat on the far right side

Nov 4, 2009

id bet its rusty because it looks alot like a fire burnt it to a crisp.just a hunch,it looks tarnished....

Nov 2, 2009

Agreed, this one's a little rough. Be interesting to find out what they paid for it.

Nov 1, 2009

man i love 57 chevys-too bad its so rusty