1970 Plymouth Superbird
A 1970 Plymouth Superbird sitting in the woods for a long time.
Community Feedback
opschief3537  - December 12, 2017
I would love to help her if anyone knows where she is...
valentin  - May 31, 2017
Why would anyone leave this car setting outside like this,
Either they don't know or don't care,
like the previous statement, this should be a crime.
Somebody probably found it by now.
opschief3537  - October 8, 2014
Does anyone know where she's hiding?
pontiacguy52  - February 20, 2013
this should be a crime.
opschief3537  - December 19, 2012
Would anyone have any details on this bird? I hate to see this go unrestored. Happy Holidays all!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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